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Fun at the Bridal Shower

Having a bridal shower is an important part of getting married. However, some of the portions of it can be rather boring. While it is fun to share the time with the bride, many guests may grow weary when they are watching the bride open her gifts. Since the gifts are usually household gifts, there really isn’t anything that the guests can do to become excited about these items.

However, there are some games that can be played during the gift opening ceremony that will make the process more fun and exciting. This is a great way to keep the guests excited and involved even when the shower takes a boring turn. Below you will find some special games that you can play as the bride is opening her gifts.

Bridal Bingo


When the bride is preparing to open her gifts, pass out bingo cards filled with common household goods instead of numbers. Then as the bride is opening her gifts, they will look to see if they have a match. The first person to get a bingo on their card will be declared the winner. This is a great game that will help keep guests involved with the process of opening up the gifts and will help them to enjoy the shower better.

Good Wishes

With this game, each guest will have a moment to give the bride some good wishes for her upcoming wedding and marriage. These wishes can be written down on a piece of paper that will be added to a special vase later on. As the bride is opening the gift that was brought by the guest, the guest will share with the group their wishes for the bride’s future. This is a fun way to enjoy a moment with the bride as she is opening up her gifts.

Wrapping Paper Décor


Another fun game that you can play while the bride is opening up her gifts involves creating a special décor item for her to enjoy. Using a large piece of poster board, each guest will take a portion of the wrapping paper or gift sack that they choose to present her gift in and attach it to the poster board. After the party is over, the bride can then have the board framed and will always have a reminder of her bridal shower at all times.


These games are all unique ways that you can make sure that the guests of a wedding shower are able to enjoy the time when the bride is opening her wedding gifts. Instead of having a fairly boring time during this part of the shower, guests will instead be able to enjoy the time and have some laughter to go along with the party as well. So, if you are looking for a way to make the gift opening section of the bridal shower more enjoyable, be sure to rely on some of these games.


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