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Wedding in Newmarket

What every bride should know about wedding dress shopping for her Newmarket wedding

Are you busy planning your Newmarket wedding?

Then, you will soon have to shop for your wedding dress and the task that involves much research and preparation. Having been in the wedding industry for so long, the team at Best for Bride has assisted hundreds of Ontario brides with their important wedding dress choice for several years now. Based on this experience, here is some advice to help you gear up for your wedding dress shopping.

Plan your visit to bridal stores in Newmarket at the right time

Nine to twelve months before the wedding is the ideal time to shop for your wedding gown. This will give you enough time to explore your options, choose a gown, place the order and have it delivered without stress. You will also have sufficient time to go through the required alteration sessions if you plan your wedding shopping early enough.

Set the budget first

To enjoy a productive shopping session at Newmarket bridal stores, first fix your wedding dress budget. Not only does this give you a starting point for your dress shopping, but it also helps you avoid disappointment. When you shop with a budget, you will not waste time on gowns you cannot afford. This will help you enjoy the experience better. Don’t forget to include the cost of alterations and wedding dress accessories when you plan your wedding budget.

Enquire about trunk shows and sales in Newmarket bridal stores

Some of bridal shops in or near Newmarket, like Best for Bride, hold trunk shows at various times of the year. Find out when the next trunk show is, and plan your shopping accordingly. This gives you the opportunity to find the latest designer dresses at bargain prices. Bridal shops in Newmarket also hold massive sales where they sell dresses at slashed prices. So, plan your wedding dress shopping timeline to visit the shops during sale season, if you are on a budget.

Decide on your wedding venue before dress shopping

Newmarket wedding venues are far and varied. There are picturesque country-style locations like Waterstone Estate and Farm and Holland March Wineries as well as posh, banquet halls like Stellar Hall and Event Centre. Your choice of wedding dress should match the ambiance of your wedding venue. So, decide on where you will be wedded, before you begin your search for wedding dresses in Newmarket.

Book alterations in advance

Do not wait till your wedding dress arrives to book your alteration sessions. You should ideally have your first alteration session in the week after your wedding dress arrives. The seamstress will tell you how many more sessions are required, at this first appointment. If you shop early, your dress should be ready and perfectly adjusted to fit your measurements in the month of your wedding.

Do not forget accessories

Shop for your wedding dress accessories as soon as you make your wedding dress decision. You will find an amazing variety in veils, tiaras, headpieces and wedding jewelry. If your bridal store has a selection of wedding accessories, check this collection and if possible, try on selected pieces with your wedding dress to find ones that work. Make sure that you match your jewelry and accessories to the style and embellishments on your wedding dress for best results.

Shopping for your bridal dress and accessories made easy at Best for Bride

Wedding dress shopping can be quite a challenge for first-time brides. Of course, it is possible that your friends and family have already tried wedding shopping themselves, and they may help you with advice and suggestions. Nonetheless, every bride’s wedding shopping experience is unique and different.

The good news is that wedding dress shopping does not have to be stressful, when you choose the right dress shop in or near Newmarket for the purpose. Best for Bride is one such perfect bridal destination; one that brings you all you need for your wedding day under one roof.

With dramatic designer wedding dress collections at unbelievable prices, this bridal boutique assures you the best prices you can find for any dress. Add to it that there is an unbeatable variety to choose from. Best for Bride also has wedding accessories and alteration services that ensure you have everything you need to complete your bridal day look.

Also, find mother of the bride dresses in Newmarket, Ontario when you shop at Best for Bride. With a diverse collection of formal dresses and evening gowns suitable for any special occasion, every shopping need has the perfect solution at this store. Apart from mother of the bride dresses, there is also an amazing choice in bridesmaid dress collections. Most of the dresses can be custom-ordered in any size and a range of colors to match your wedding theme.

Adding to the entire shopping experience is a talented and energetic team of bridal consultants. With years of experience in the bridal industry, these professionals quickly identify a bride’s tastes, preferences and budget constraints to direct them to the perfect choices. Whether you shop alone or with an extended entourage, Best for Bride has the facilities to entertain and indulge you and your wedding party in a fun-filled, exciting and novel wedding shopping experience.

If this was not enough, also find wedding services like florist services, invitations, favors, cakes, décor essentials and wedding favors at this all-in-one bridal destination. Wedding dress and accessory rental services ensure you have a perfect wedding trousseau, even if you are on a tight budget. You can also find amazingly cheap dresses at the clearance and discount section in the store.

Book your appointment online, and visit this wonderful wedding dress store near Newmarket to fulfill your wedding visions with the perfect wedding dress to transform yourself into a gorgeous bride.

Newmarket is a town located approximately 45 km north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Newmarket is served by three interchanges along Ontario provincial highway 404. It is the seat of York Region. Southlake Regional Health Centre (hospital) is located in Newmarket.

The town is bounded on the north by the Town of East Gwillimbury, on the east by the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville, on the south by the Town of Aurora, and on the west by King Township, themselves all likewise part of York Region.

There are two man-made lakes in Newmarket. Fairy Lake (which is managed by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority), is a favourite recreational spot in the centre of town is a former millpond on the East Holland River. Bogart Pond, also a former millpond, is fed and drained by Bogart Creek in Bogarttown. The latter is much smaller than the former, but is actually wider. Furthermore, the water level in the reach of the East Holland north of Davis Drive is controlled from an unfinished Newmarket Canal lock, now used as a weir.

Newmarket also lies south of and above the Algonquin Shoreline where elevations suddenly drop off from the gently rolling hills that characterize much of Newmarket to the much flatter, lower land down below in the Holland Marsh.

The land itself is characterized mainly by glacial deposits from the last ice age. The town is underlain mainly by sand and gravel, ground by the icesheets that covered the area until about 10,000 years ago. No outcrops are to be found anywhere in Newmarket, so deep are the glacial deposits.

Newmarket's armorial bearing is actually taken from the town's corporate seal. The town flag is a navy blue field with this same design in the middle. The beehive and bees are said to represent industry. The current form of the seal was introduced in 1938 with the arms somewhat altered from – but very similar in concept to – one that was earlier used. The arms' origin is something of a mystery, however. It is unknown what artist created the current version – or indeed the earlier version – and the town has no official record as to the purchase or redesign of the arms.