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Looking for Wedding Dresses in Woodbridge

wedding dresses in Woodbridge

Frequently Asked Questions - Woodbridge Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids

1. How much should you expect to pay for a good designer dress in Woodbridge?

Good designer Woodbridge wedding dresses are available for as low as $100 when you shop at the right time. Sample sales and clearance departments provide the perfect opportunities for brides on a budget to find fantastic designer bridal dresses. If you prefer brand new Woodbridge bridal gowns from recent collections, be prepared to pay at least $1000 or more.

2. Is it better to opt for a package deal or buy just your dress at the Woodbridge bridal store?

This depends on your budget and preferences. If you choose a package deal, you can buy bridal accessories to complete your entire bridal look at bargain prices at Woodbridge bridal store. However, if you already have your accessories or prefer to shop elsewhere, you can just buy the dress.
Best for Bride has attractive offers for brides for both options. If you buy your new wedding dress at the first appointment, you get your bridal accessories for free. On the other hand, you will receive a flat $100 discount on whichever dress you buy.

3. Should you buy your Woodbridge wedding dress first or bridal accessories?

We always recommend that brides buy their wedding dress in Woodbridge first. It is easier to find matching accessories for a dress than the other way around. If you first buy your bridal accessories in Woodbridge, you may have to restrict your dress selection to what goes with the accessories. This can limit your choices.

4. What will your bridal consultant want to know to show you the right dresses in Woodbridge?

Your bridal consultant will ask you about your wedding dress budget and your style preferences. You can also share details like the venue, wedding theme and weather at the time of your wedding. Based on this information, she will direct you towards bridal dresses that match the theme and flatter your figure.

5. Is it worth buying a sample dress in Woodbridge?

If you have a limited budget and want a designer bridal dress in Woodbridge, a sample dress is an amazing option. Most sample dresses are in good condition but cheap because they are out of their original packaging. However, most stores will carry limited sizes. Sample wedding gowns may also not be from the current season. If you can find a sample dress that is in good condition and the right size, you can save a lot of money.

Woodbridge is a large suburban community in the City of Vaughan, just north of Toronto. It was once an independent town before being amalgamated with nearby communities to form the city in 1971. Its traditional downtown core is the Woodbridge Ave. stretch between Islington Avenue and Kipling Avenue north of Highway 7. Woodbridge has a large Italian immigrant population.

Although Woodbridge is part of the larger City of Vaughan, few people identify with the municipality as a whole, and the community is typically seen by residents and outsiders as a sizeable city in the Greater Toronto Area in and of itself. As such, it has no political boundaries, but is commonly viewed as lying between either Highway 50 or Highway 27 to the west, Steeles Avenue to the south, Highway 400 to the east, and Major Mackenzie Drive to the north. However, new housing subdivisions being built north of Major Mackenzie between Pine Valley and the 400, have been given names like "Woodbridge Retreat" by developers, and will most likely extend the popularly accepted northeast boundary northwards to Teston Road.

Home to a large Italian-Canadian population, Woodbridge has seen an increase in Arab-Canadians,Indo-Canadians, Romanian-Canadians, Persian-Canadians and Hispanic-Canadians.

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