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Make your wedding day extra-special with an amazing wedding dress from Best for Bride

Brides in Burlington are fortunate to have ample choices in wedding venues, vendors and wedding dresses!

While the wedding venue and vendor choices are often make by the bride and bridegroom together, the wedding dress selection is usually the bride’s sole decision.

Therefore, if you are bride on the search for the best bridal stores in Burlington and a gorgeous wedding dress, you should be visiting Best for Bride.

As one of the oldest bridal shops, Best for Bride has earned a reputation as a bridal favorite for wedding dresses. You will be taken aback by the amazing variety of designer wedding dresses available at this store. Not only will this selection appeal to your taste, whether it is modern or classic, you will also find suitable choices for every budget.

You will already know that wedding dresses should be chosen to match the weather conditions at the time of your wedding. With weather that fluctuates drastically between hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters, a wedding dress that is suitable for a summer wedding will undoubtedly be uncomfortable if your nuptials are in winter.

At Best for Bride, you will find gowns in lightweight, breathable fabrics that are perfect for summer weddings, as well as silk and satin gowns with lavish embellishments for winter brides. There are also dresses to match every imaginable wedding theme. So, you are sure to find the perfect choice whether your wedding is at a castle, a opulent banquet hall, a rustic country inn or even a casual Boho-style venue.

Unlike other bridal shops that stock dresses in limited sizes, Best for Bride has exclusive collections for petite and plus-size brides. This team believes that size should not be a constraint to realize your wedding dreams. Therefore, this vast inventory of dresses that fit women in either end of the size spectrum should appeal to you immensely, if you are either plus-size or petite.

Best for Bride is one of the best bridal shops in Burlington where you can find all that you need to complete your wedding day look. Apart from wedding dresses, there is also a stunning collection of bridal jewelry, bridal accessories like sashes, tiaras and shoes as well as a range of bridal services.

Bridal services include alterations for wedding dresses in Burlington. This facility is handled by a professional team of seamstresses who efficiently carry out both small alteration requests as well as custom changes that can change the entire look of a wedding dress.

This bridal store is also the place to find gorgeous mother of the bride dresses in Burlington, Ontario. Captivating collections of formal gowns, evening dresses, dresses for special occasions like rehearsal dinners and engagement parties are also available here. Also, find a diverse collection of prom dresses at this store.

An exclusive collection of designer bridesmaid dresses is also available for the lovely women in your bridal party. Explore the mix ‘n’ match trend or find similar dresses for all the members of your wedding party with the variety available at this bridal shop.

Brides on a tight budget should not miss the clearance and discount section at Best for Bride. All dresses have their prices slashed and are in pristine condition, making it excellent value for money. Rentals wedding dress services are also available for brides on a tight budget. Dresses from this section are well-maintained, clean and look as good as new. Simply rent your wedding dress and accessories for a fraction of the cost and look splendid on your wedding day.

Whether you wish to buy your wedding dress, rent it or explore any of the other services available at Best for Bride, an enthusiastic and experienced team of bridal consultants will assist you with your needs. Not only do they guide brides towards wedding dresses that fit their budget and needs, but also assist with valuable advice about wedding dress selection, dress alterations, customization and accessory selection.

So, be sure to visit Best for Bride to bring your wedding daydreams to life. Here are some points to keep in mind when visiting this bridal boutique Burlington, to make the most of your trip.

• Customers are advised to visit by appointment. This allows the team to assign a dedicated consultant to assist you with your shopping and make the most of your available time. Appointments can be made online or by calling the team on the contact number on the website.

• Plan your visit to bridal shops in Burlington at least nine to twelve months before the wedding to find your wedding dress at a relaxed pace. This also ensures you have enough time left for alterations and selection of accessories after the wedding dress arrives from the manufacturer.

• Follow standard sizing charts of the specific designer when choosing your wedding dresses. Since wedding dresses sizes are different from regular clothing, there can be wide variations when you are measured for your size. Strictly follow the designer’s chart when choosing a wedding dress for your Burlington wedding to ensure a closer fit.

• Although there is enough space to accommodate larger parties, brides are advised to keep their entourage small when they first come shopping. This will allow you to avoid confusion and conflicting opinions and not be sidetracked with your selection criterion.

• Best for Bride offers numerous packages that can take your wedding dress budget further. Discuss this with the team to understand how you can make the most of it.

For any further concerns, queries or clarifications get in touch with the customer service team on phone or through email.

wedding dresses in Burlington

Frequently Asked Questions - Burlington Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids

1. How much do Best for Bride Burlington dresses cost?
Best for Bride has wedding dresses in all price ranges. Wedding dresses in current collections start at $700. However, the exact cost would depend on the dress model and collection it belongs to. Apart from new collections, you can also find discounted dresses for $500 and less in the clearance section.
2. What should I expect at my bridal appointment?
You will be assigned a bridal consultant to help you during your appointment. She will discuss your budget, personal preferences, wedding theme and venue details. Based on your inputs, she will bring you suitable dresses to try on. Since most bridal dresses are heavy and complex garments, you may need help to get in and out of them. Your consultant will assist you with this. Once you find a dress you like, you can place your order for it. The boutique will draw up a contract, explain the details and tell you when the dress will be delivered. You will have to put down a deposit to confirm the order. You can also buy accessories to complete your wedding look during this session.
3. How many guests can I bring with me to my bridal appointment in Burlington?
There is no limit to the number of guests who can accompany you to your bridal shopping session. Nevertheless, we suggest that brides limit their entourage to enjoy a productive shopping session. Two to three close friends or family members who can positively contribute to your shopping session should be enough.
4. What is a good bridal dress budget for Burlington?
You can find brand new designer wedding gowns in Burlington for $700 and above at reliable wedding dress stores like Best for Bride. For brides on a budget, cheaper dresses are available in the clearance and sales section of our store.
5. Are sample gowns worth buying?
Sample wedding dresses could be a great deal if you are on a tight budget but want a designer wedding dress. The gowns in sample collections are shop floor samples that brides try on during bridal appointments. They are marked down because they are out of their original packaging. However, some of them may show signs of wear and tear. If a sample dress is in good condition and close to your size, it can be a bargain buy.
6. Can you add embellishments to a bridal dress?
Yes, you can dress up a simple bridal dress with suitable embellishments like sequins or embroidery to give it more character. Most bridal dress alteration centers perform these services for an additional charge. Alternately, you can also attempt to embellish your wedding dress if you are crafty and know how to sew.
7. Is it a good idea to buy my wedding dress online?
Although you can buy your wedding dress online, we do not recommend it. Not only will you miss out on the special wedding shopping experience, you may also not get what you expected. Wedding dresses are very different from other garments. You cannot accurately judge how a dress will look on you without trying it. When you visit a bridal salon, you can try on preferred wedding styles as well as explore other options. If you must buy your dress online, make sure to shop at reliable websites to get exactly what is advertised.
8. Is it weird to go wedding shopping alone?
There is nothing wrong in shopping for your wedding dress by yourself. Many brides prefer this option as it gives them more freedom to make their choice. Shopping alone also allows you to find a dress based on your preferences and not be confused by conflicting suggestions from your entourage. Nonetheless, this is a very personal decision. Only you can decide whether you are better off shopping alone or with someone else.
9. How do I make my wedding shopping appointment perfect?
You can make your shopping appointment perfect by preparing in advance. Do your research to find out the best places to shop at. Also, decide whom to take shopping with you. Make a list of the features you want in your wedding dress based on your personal preferences, wedding theme, venue and weather at the time of the wedding. Book your shopping appointment in advance and reach the store on time. Make sure to communicate your expectations and budget to your consultant. With this prior planning, you cannot go wrong with wedding dress shopping.
10. What should I bring to my bridal shopping appointment?
If you know exactly what type of dress you want to buy, you can carry pictures of it to show to your consultant. This will simplify the entire shopping process. During your appointment, you will be trying on a variety of different styles. So, carry the right undergarments. Also, bring a supportive entourage and shop with an open mind to enjoy a pleasant and productive session.
11. What to wear to my wedding dress shopping?
Since you will be trying on a wide range of styles at your wedding dress appointment, wear suitable undergarments. Nude colors are best since they go with most dresses. If you will be wearing heels on your wedding day, you may like to try dresses on while wearing shoes of similar height. In addition, if you have already chosen your jewelry or hair accessories, you may like to wear them while trying on dresses. This will help you identify how the overall look comes together.
12. How many bridal gowns can you try on at an appointment?
Most wedding dress appointments last for 1-1.5 hours. You can expect to get through five or six dresses during this time. Experienced consultants know the options available and what dresses look good on each body type. They can quickly guide you towards the right wedding dress within this time. In any case, we do not recommend looking at more than ten dresses in a day. You will end up getting confused and making the wrong decision. If you are unable to find the right dress or are unsure of your choice, do not make a hasty decision. Return home, think over it and come back to explore your choices another day.

Top sights in Burlington

Royal Botanical Gardens - Royal Botanical Gardens is headquartered in Burlington owning extensive environmental protection areas and cultural gardens lands in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the major tourist attractions between Niagara Falls and Toronto, as well as a significant local and regional horticultural, education, conservation, and scientific resource.
Art Gallery of Hamilton - The Art Gallery of Hamilton is an art museum located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The museum occupies a 7,000 square metres building on King Street West in downtown Hamilton, designed by Trevor P. Garwood-Jones.
Bronte Creek Provincial Park - Bronte Creek Provincial Park is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and is part of the Ontario Parks system. The 6.4-square-kilometre park is located at the western edge of Oakville, bordering on Burlington.
Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area - Rattlesnake Point is an eco-tourism area located in Milton, Ontario, Canada and is owned and operated by Conservation Halton.
Mount Nemo Conservation Area - The Mount Nemo Conservation Area in Burlington, Ontario is a conservation area owned and operated by Conservation Halton. It is popular with rock climbers in the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe, along with nearby Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area. Its five kilometers of hiking trails connect with the Bruce Trail.
Smokey Hollow Waterfall - Great Falls, aka, is a 10-metre-high ribbon waterfall on Grindstone Creek in Waterdown, Ontario. This is a picturesque waterfall featured Hamilton, Ontario, waterfall postcards. The waterfall can be seen from the Bruce Trail.
Wedding in Burlington
Burlington (2006 population 164,415) is a city located in the Golden Horseshoe, across Lake Ontario and Burlington Bay harbour from Hamilton, in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada.

It is part of the Greater Toronto Area, although it is still part of the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area. Transportation is served by the Queen Elizabeth Way, Highway 403, Highway 407, as well as Dundas Street, and by both GO Transit and VIA Rail. Burlington Transit is the public transport provider in the city. Rail Service is provided by both Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific.

In recent years Burlington has been one of the fastest growing areas of Canada with many new immigrants and young families building new homes here. The region by the lake has a number of expensive homes while the rest of the community is mostly upper-middle class suburbs.

In 1989, Burlington signed a twin city declaration with Itabashi, a ward of Tokyo, Japan. Since then, various exchanges and programs have been carried out between the two cities and relations between have flourished.

Some of the many attractions include: Canada's largest Ribfest, Sound of Music Festival, Burlington Art Centre, and Spencer Smith Park. All are located downtown in close proximity to Spencer Smith Park.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between former Burlington Mayor Rob MacIsaac and McMaster University President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Peter J. George on September 30, 2004 acknowledging to work together to bring a McMaster campus to Burlington.

There has been a link established with a New South Wales Australia institution Charles Sturt University.

Like most cities of its size in Ontario, manufacturing of various goods sustains Burlington's livelihood, but its proximity to Hamilton and Toronto means many residents commute to those cities.

There are also many stores and shops in Burlington. The Burlington Mall and Mapleview Mall are popular malls within the city. The many summer festivals in the city, including Canada's largest Ribfest, also attract many visitors.

The city is also located in the "Golden Horseshoe".

Burlington is home to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Canada's largest botanical garden, which incorporates both untamed and cultivated landscapes. There are 75 parks and 800 acres (325 ha of parkland within the city, the largest being Spencer Smith Park, located on the shore of Lake Ontario, which is going through large scale renovations to improve the park. Located in North Burlington is Mount Nemo Conservation Area, the only park in Burlington operated by the Halton Region Conservation Authority.

The Burlington Art Centre shows various exhibits throughout the year from local to national talent, including the renowned Canadian artist Robert Bateman. The Joseph Brant Museum and Ireland House are also popular attractions.

Not widely known to many residents is that one of the two naturally occurring magnetic hills in Canada is found in Burlington, on King Road just north of Bayview Park.
At Best for Bride Bridal boutique, we are proud to offer our Lowest Price Guarantee.
Lowest Price Guarantee

We will beat any price you find in authorized retail store in Canada by 10% of the difference. Just bring in or email us the lower advertised price or the price quoted along with the store name.

Price match applies only to purchases made within 14 days excluding alterations, clearance products and cleaning. Price match requests can not be combined with any other special offers. Lowest price comparison is based on the actual cost of the merchandise before taxes and shipping. Best for Bride does not match online or U.S. prices. All price matches are subject to management approval. Management reserves all right to remove or modify the lowest price guarantee at any time.

Buyers beware! If you find a website selling designer gowns at very cheap prices compared to the regular price, you are buying a knock off.

Best for Bride Boutique offers professional in-house seamstress services for Wedding Dresses, Evening Dresses, Prom dresses, Mother of the Bride dresses and almost any kind of women's formalwear. Click here for more details.

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Can you tell us about your experience at Best for Bride?
Well, it was very good. We had lots of help. I had no idea what I wanted when I came in. Never thought I would get something like this. This is beautiful. Denise was a great help and seamstresses great as well and it will be ready in time. THAT's AMAZING. We will definitely recommend Best for Bride and ask for Denise.
Thank you very much.


Best for Bride rectified awful experiences Tallis Kostuik had

Tell us about your experience at Best for Bride today.
Best for Bride made my dress shopping very easy and fun. I had awful experiences at other places and they were all super nice and helpful and rectified it all. They did an awesome job.
Thank you very much.
You are welcome.


Jen Thomptson thinks staff at Best For Bride is extremely helpful

How was your experience at Best For Bride today?
It was amazing, the staff were very helpful, they have a very huge selection and they will help you with anything that you need, tell you a honest opinion about the dress and they will come up with different options to ones that you don't even think that you will like and that's what happened to me. I saw one, didn't think I liked it, put it on and I'm getting it. So they are extremely helpful here and there is a huge selection of dresses.
Thank you very much.

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