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Factors to consider when choosing a wedding dress for your wedding in London, Ontario

London, Ontario witnesses hundreds of weddings every year. Although the city is prone to extreme weather contrasts in summer and winter, weddings take place throughout the year in this city.

Soon-to-be-brides, planning their wedding in this city can shop for their wedding dresses at bridal stores in London Ontario any time of the year. Nevertheless, there are some factors to consider when choosing wedding dresses.

The weather at the time of your wedding, the venue, wedding theme and time left till your wedding are some of the many factors to consider when choosing wedding dresses in London Ontario. Here is a guide to what you should know about choosing a wedding dress and planning your bridal look for this special day in your life.

Weather conditions at the time of wedding

Choose your wedding dress fabric and style in such a way that it keeps you comfortable on your wedding day. Bridal shops London have plenty of strapless and sleeveless dress choices for summer weddings as well as dresses with sleeves and covered necklines for winter weddings. Look for dresses in lightweight, airy and breathable fabrics in London Ontario bridal shops for a summer wedding. However, if your wedding is in a cooler month, opt for heavy fabrics to stay warm and cozy.

Wedding venue

This city has no dearth of stunning wedding venues. Celebrate your wedding day indoors at banquet halls like the London Convention Centre, the Rose Chapel or the London Club. Or have it outdoors at scenic locations like the Forest City National Golf Club or at the Grand Terrace of the Green Hills Golf Club when the weather is pleasant. Depending on the venue, choose dresses from London dress shops that are practical for your location. Dresses with short hemlines or without a long trailing train are ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies. However, you can opt for a spectacular train if your venue is indoors.

Wedding theme

Find a wedding dress style that matches your wedding theme, and you will look like a bride who belongs in the setting. Dress consultant at bridal shops in London will help you narrow down your choices to dress styles that match your theme. Look for dresses with opulent details like ruffles, beading and embroidery for an extravagant or classic theme. Or choose more modern details like dramatic backs and separates for a contemporary theme wedding.


The wedding dress will cost a big part of your wedding budget. So, plan the amount accordingly and set aside a suitable budget that also factors in additional charges for wedding dress accessories and alteration costs. Limit your wedding shopping to bridal shops in London Ontario that carry dresses in your set price range. Also discuss the maximum amount you can spend with your bridal consultant at the beginning of your appointment. She can then direct you to dresses that you can easily afford. If you are on a tight budget, check out the clearance and discount aisles at London Ontario bridal shops like Best for Bride to find suitable choices.

Time left until the wedding

Bridal gowns take between three and six months to be delivered after you place your order. You will also need another month to get your dress altered to your exact measurements. So, set aside enough time to do your wedding shopping at a relaxed pace. If you are short on time, you may have to place a rush order or settle for what is available off-the-rack. Nonetheless, we don’t suggest shopping for your dress earlier than a year before your wedding. Newer trends may come in later, and you may not have a chance to explore these options if you shop too early.

Wedding dress shopping for London Ontario brides made easy at Best for Bride

Best for Bride, Ontario is a dream wedding shopping destination for the modern bride. Featuring latest collections in designer wedding dress collections, our store has diverse choices in wedding dresses for both modern and traditional brides.

Our dress collections come in all price ranges, sizes and styles, so you can find plenty of choices irrespective of your budget, body type or preferences. Brides on a budget can also check out our convenient bridal dress and accessories rental option.

We stock an amazing collection of mother of the bride dresses and bridesmaid dresses in London Ontario. Explore these dress collections to find great choices for your entire wedding party. With discounts, promotional deals and referral bonuses, we assure excellent value for money, while providing an impressive selection to pick your favorites from.

Apart from wedding dresses, brides can also find their wedding day jewelry, accessories and various other bridal services at our bridal shop. Our extra services include wedding day décor, cake and florist services, photography, favors, gift ideas and even wedding dress preservation.

As a unique bridal shopping destination with all facilities under a single roof, our bridal shop in London-Ontario is a must-visit for all brides. Our expert team of bridal consultants will enthusiastically assist you with all your wedding shopping needs, and help you find the perfect wedding dress, accessories and services for your all-important wedding day.

Book your appointment through our website at a convenient time and visit us soon to experience the best wedding dress shopping experience you will ever find at any bridal shop in London, Ontario.

wedding dresses in London Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions - London Ontario Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids

1. How do you buy an inexpensive wedding dress in London Ontario?

Designer wedding dresses in London Ontario from brand new collections can cost $1000 and more. However, if you have a small budget, you may like to shop during sample sales or in clearance sections of bridal stores. The dresses at sample sales are from previous seasons and are marked down. Similarly, the clearance section at Best for Bride features inexpensive wedding dresses from top designer collections.

2. Where can I try on wedding dresses in London, Ontario?

You can check and try on bridal gowns in London Ontario from designer collections at bridal stores like Best for Bride. As authorized dealers for various wedding designer brands, we have a large and varied inventory. Our consultants will help you understand your options and guide you towards dresses that meet your requirements.

3. Is it a good idea to buy wedding dresses online?

No, we do not recommend buying wedding dresses online. Unlike other dresses, wedding dresses are complex garments that do not always look like their images. So, you may end up receiving something entirely different from what you wanted. Also, given the expensive nature of wedding gowns, placing an online order is highly risky. If you must order your dress online, make sure you do it through an authorized dealer with a good record.

4. Where can I find cheap wedding dresses in London, Ontario?

The best place to shop for cheap bridal dresses in London Ontario is at reputed bridal stores like Best for Bride. We carry dresses from a wide range of designer collections in different price ranges. You can also shop in our clearance section for cheap wedding dresses. These dresses are from previous seasons and are at highly discounted prices.

5. Which is the best place to shop for plus-size wedding dresses in London, Ontario?

You can find plus size wedding dresses in London Ontario for women in our Beautiful Brides Plus and Plus Size Dresses collections at Best for Bride. These collections feature a wide variety of styles and modern designs to suit your taste. Visit our store by appointment to try on dresses from these collections and find your favorite.

Wedding in London Ontario

London is a city in Southwestern Ontario, Canada along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor with a metropolitan area population of 457,720; the city proper had a population of 352,395 in the 2006 Canadian census.

London was first settled by Europeans in 1826 and was incorporated as a city on January 1, 1855. Since then, London has grown into the largest Southwestern Ontario municipality and the city has developed a strong focus towards education, health care, tourism, manufacturing, economic leadership and prosperity.

London's municipal government is split between fourteen councillors (one representing each of London's fourteen wards) and a Board of Control, consisting of four controllers and the mayor. London's current mayor is Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, re-elected in 2006.

Historically, the Board of Control was introduced during a period of expansion so the ward councillors could deal with ward issues while the board dealt with problems affecting the entire city. Although London has many ties to Middlesex County, it is now "separated" and the two have no jurisdictional overlap. Exception here is granted to the Middlesex County courthouse and former jail as the judiciary is administered directly by the province.

The area was formed during the retreat of the glaciers during the last ice age, which produced areas of marshland, notably the Sifton Bog (which is actually a fen), as well as some of the most productive areas of farmland in Ontario. The eastern half of the city is generally flat, with the exception being around the five neighboring ponds in the south, with gently rolling hills in the west and north.

The Thames River dominates London's geography, with the North Thames River and Thames River meeting at the centre of the city known as "The Forks" or "The Fork of the Thames." The North Thames runs through the man-made Fanshawe Lake, located in northeast London. Fanshawe Lake was created by Fanshawe Dam, which was constructed to protect the areas down river from catastrophic flooding which affected the city on two occasions in the past (1883 and 1937).

Because of its location in the continent and proximity to the Great Lakes, London experiences very contrasting seasons. The summers are usually hot and muggy, while the winters are normally quite cold but with frequent thaws. London has the most thunder and lightning storms of any area in Canada. For its southerly location within Canada, it does receive quite a lot of snow, averaging slightly over 200cm (80 in.) per year. The majority of this is Lake effect snow originating from Lake Huron, some 60km (40 mi.) to the northwest which occurs when strong, cold winds blow from that direction.

London is present at the junction of Highway 401 that connects the city to Toronto and Detroit, USA, and Highway 402 to Sarnia. Also, Highway 403, which diverges from the 401 at nearby Woodstock, Ontario, provides ready access to Brantford, Hamilton, the Golden Horseshoe area, and the Niagara Peninsula.

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