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wedding dresses in King City

Frequently Asked Questions - King City Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids

1. How do I pick the right wedding dress for my wedding in King City?

Consider your body type, wedding style, venue, weather and budget to make your dress choice. The right dress will flatter your figure and help you flaunt it. It will be within your budget and the style will be suitable for the weather at the time of your wedding. It will also be a practical choice for the venue.

2. How can I save on my wedding dress in King City?

You can find a wedding dress in King City for less at sample sales. However, these sales usually feature shop floor samples in limited sizes. The other option is to look for package deals that cover your wedding dress as well as bridal accessories. These deals will help you get the most of your budget by helping you save on accessories. You can also consider buying a simple bridal gown in King City for less and customizing it with embellishments for a unique look.

3. How many people can I take with me when shopping for my wedding dress in King City?

Any number of people can accompany you to your King City wedding shopping session. Nevertheless, we recommend that you limit your entourage to two or three members. This will reduce confusion and allow you to make a better choice. Make sure that the people who join you will positively contribute to your shopping experience.

4. Which wedding dress silhouette works for all types of weddings?

Simple silhouettes like the A-line and sheath usually work for all weddings. These versatile dress styles can be dressed up with suitable embellishments and accessories if necessary. Or you can wear it as such and keep the rest of the look simple if you prefer a minimal look.

5. How much should I spend on a wedding dress for my King City wedding?

You should make this decision based on what you can afford, the type of dress you desire and the formality of the wedding. Brand new designer bridal gowns in King City can cost $1000 and more. The exact price will depend on the specific style and designer collection. You can also find budget dresses in sales and clearance collections.

Looking for Wedding Dresses in King City

King City is an affluent, unincorporated village in King Township, Ontario, Canada, located just north of Toronto. It is the largest community in King Township, with 2686 dwellings and a population of 7814.

Located at 43°56'N, 79°31'W, King City is characterized by rolling hills and clustered temperate forests. Although few in number within the town itself, numerous kettle lakes and ponds dot the area. Creeks and streams from this region are the origin source for the East Humber River (as are the streams from as far west as Bolton, Ontario and as far east as Stouffville, Ontario).

Situated on the central portion of the sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine watershed, numerous disputes about planning and development have occurred municipally. Over the past decade, the central issue has been the controversial Big Pipe, a sewerage system connecting to the much larger Durham-York Sewage System (see Politics for further discussion).

Flourishing in the countryside setting are numerous stables and other farms, which is possible because the town occupies 147.938 km² of land area.

King City has historically been served by septic systems, which proponents of the Big Pipe view as unhygeinic and unsafe. Various studies have been commissioned to study the town's septic systems, but no clear conclusion was reached. These studies were funded by King Township, York Region, or several interested environmental groups, especially those involved with protecting the Oak Ridges Moraine.

In previous elections, wards covering King City have voted to elect councillors against the Big Pipe project. Results for the rest of King Township were mixed. The most recent township election in 2003 elected a council favourable to the Big Pipe.

In 2001, York Region wrested control of King Township's sewage collection system. The Township's council at the time opposed the Big Pipe link, and brought the issue to court. Control of the system was returned to King Township after the 2003 municipal elections, which resulted in a pro-Pipe council, so that the township could request grants for the project from provincial and federal sources.

Proponents of the link cite health concerns about the aging septic systems in the town, and the occasional spill, as reasons to link to the Durham-York system. Opponents instead claim that the health issues of the current septic systems have been embellished, and that the new link will result in poorly controlled growth in the community, and hence urban sprawl.

Through traffic on King Road has become a concern in the past decade, as the number of heavy vehicles has increased significantly. Notably, dump trucks serving new subdivision construction sites in nearby Oak Ridges use King Road to reach Highway 400. Delivery trucks destined for Aurora and Richmond Hill also make use of King Road as a bypass.

Also, the Township borders on Peel Region, which has promoted the extension of Highway 427 from its current terminus at Highway 7 north to the Bradford Bypass. This extension would border the Township, raising concerns about noise pollution in the rural area.

The King City Community Centre and King City Arena host numerous activities, such as youth hockey league matches and yoga classes. They also host many community events throughout the year, and some public King Township meetings.

King City Memorial Park, next to the arena, has two baseball fields, several soccer fields, two children's playgrounds, and four tennis courts (two with lighting). An open, covered area is used for public events and picnics.

A portion of the extensive Oak Ridges Trail passes through King City. The community is creating its own trail network, the King City Trail; the two networks are currently not connected.

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