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Laura & Sebastien Unique and Special Engagement Story
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You cannot vote for this story anymore, as this story participated in constest that ended on August 31, 2011

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Laura & Sebastien Unique and Special Engagement Story

You cannot vote for this story anymore, as this story participated in constest that ended on August 31, 2011

Sebastien and I met online in November of 2009. We clicked right away since we are both pretty laid back and simple. I have been on my own since i was 18 and he has had to take care of his mother for a few years so we have not been able to save on our own let alone for a wedding. This is why I knew it would take a long time to get a ring from him even though we did talk about one day getting married.

After our one year aniversary passed, I figured it would take another year for us to get engaged. I always told him that whenever he did ask me, I wanted it to be a complete surprise. Not on any special days, or holidays, I want to know nothing about it and I don't want to choose my ring. It's all on him!

On January 18th 2011, we went to a comedy club called Second City. We have gone there for every show they have had, and that was our first date as well. On that day, we got there about an hour early because we went straight from work. So we sat at the bar for a bit and I noticed that the tickets said VIP on them. Don't ask me why but I did not think much of it, I just thought it was VIP because he got the tickets from a special website. So the show goes on, we laugh histerically as usual. After the show, the actors take a 5 minute break and always come back to do some improv that you can stay and watch. Like every other time, we stayed. The improv starts and since we were in the front row, we got chosen to go up on stage. The scene starts with all the girls on one side and all the guys in one side. The girls start talking about the things they find annoying about their boys and I say "my guy snores! so loud!". Then the guys cut us off and one says "do you snore?" and someone else says "I don't snore but more like yell in the middle of my sleep". Sebastien says "Night terrors!". So the guy said "what do you do to fix it the next day? when she is mad about it." So Sebastien starts to say something and the guys say "show us! what do you do?" So Sebastien gets up, talks to the audience and says "you say sorry first.... and if that doesn't work... " he walks towards me and says "you ask her to marry you" and the gets down on one knee and in front of everyone says "Laura... will you marry me". I look at the audience, I look at him and say "are you being serious right now????" Everyone laughs and finally I nod yes. I couldn't even speak!

It turns out he contacted the stage manager about two weeks in advanced and told him what he wanted to do. The actors knew everything as well. I had no idea!!! He didn't seem different, he was cool and calm it was the middle of the week. I mean usually people do this on weekends! Everyone I told was shocked, cause they were not expecting it either. I would tell everyone that the poor guy couldn't afford a ring right now. Well not only did he get me a ring... he got me a Tiffany's ring!!! He did an amazing job!!! He said because our meeting story is not much, he wanted our engagement story to be unique and special. He got that right!

Laura Fiallos & Sebastien Chasse p.s. Here is a video I made
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Hey you guys, take a look!
It was a fantastic day and everyone said I looked amazing and I felt like a real princess for a day.
I'm soooo glad you had this dress, its exactly what I wanted.
The 'shrug', it didn't have arms, it just hung down, looked really cool. It looked like a shawl only it stayed on and was comfortable and covered my arms. It was perfect.
I havn't got the official wedding pics back but thought I'd send this one.

Thanks again!
Mrs.Jodi Bazzul


Hi, I just wanted to thank Sheppard store staff for helping me find my perfect dress.
Thank you so much, the dress was absolutely beautiful!

Anna Vizitova
(Sept 3, 2010 wedding)


Dear Natalya and Katrin,

Thanks for helping me with my wedding dress. Everything went smoothly on our wedding day!
We were married in St. Petersburg on August 3rd at Wedding Palace No. 1.
We got married in Kazanski Sobor.
Here are some photos:)



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Laura Cutting and her Bridesmaids Experience with Best for Bride was just amazing

Ladies please tell me about your experience at Best For Bride.
Our experience was just amazing, the ladies here were extremely helpful. They even picked out a dress for you but you didn't even think will look great and it just was amazing. They were very helpful, very personable. I would definitely recommend this store to all my friends. Yeah, pretty much you summed it all up in those words. I never would have put that dress on me and she just said "Put it on" and I loved it and I stood in it for I think half an hour and I definitely love it and it's gonna look amazing like in the color that we want to be for your wedding and the help we got has been the best I have seen so far. It's has been perfect. Being the bride was definitely a great experience. It was kind of experience you always dream of ... going in and getting all the help. If you have ever seen "Say Yes to the Dress" Kleinfeld, it's like that in Canada. You get to come in (but more polite) and more personal. It's a small cute little store you get pampered pretty much and that's what everyone wants but they are not pushy. No. No.
Thank you so much ladies.
Thank you.


Janet Tanner Experience with Best for Bride

Thanks Denise and everyone from Best for Brides and you have made experience with putting together a wedding in literally four months, AMAZING, EASY I don't even know what to say I am just SO GRATEFUL that you had the patience to help me to get through this SO THANK YOU.


Lee-Ann Pauze Review for Best for Bride

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