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Tammie and Brandon - Proposal On A Mountain
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Tammie and Brandon - Proposal On A Mountain

You cannot vote for this story anymore, as this story participated in constest that ended on June 30, 2016

Brandon and I met our freshman year of college. We became quick friends and had many adventures together. Eventually he convinced me that we were good for each other and started to date in October of 2012. We had been dating just over two years when he decided to propose. Our relationship has never been ordinary. Since the beginning we have gone through crazy things together. One of the key things in our relationship has always been adventuring together and doing things one can only dream of, no matter the risks. Needless to say, this landed us in some pretty interesting situations. But more importantly, it's what inspired his way of proposing to me.

Our university requires that we take a three week trip abroad to a country of our choosing. Brandon and I both chose Cambodia, an amazing and beautiful country. On one of the last days of our trip we visited Angkor Wat, and after went to Bakheng Mountain, a mountain infamous for the view of the sunset at the top. We had the chance to ride an elephant to the top, and of course with elephants being one of my favorite animals and riding one being on my bucket list, there was no way we were going to pass up the opportunity. Brandon was acting really nervous right before the ride, and I honestly had no idea why. This wasn't something he would get nervous about, but rather instead be pretty psyched for. We climbed on the elephant and started riding. It. Was. Incredible. Looking down at the edge of the mountain right next to us was terrifying, but looking up at the beauty of the nature surrounding us and being together made it amazing. Right before we got to the top Brandon looked at me and explained to me how much he loved and cared for me and then proposed. I said yes, soon as I found my voice after being speechless and nearly in tears. I could not have imagined a better proposal than riding an elephant up a mountain in Southeast Asia with my best friend, co-adventurer, and now, fiance.

When we arrived at the top of the mountain we found our professor there, camera in hand, recording our arrival. Brandon and I celebrated later, after returning to Phnom Penh, with dessert on a rooftop over looking the city.

We decided not to say anything until the last day of our trip and kept it to ourselves. Finally, after a long plane trip back to the States, my parents met us at the airport, anxious to hear on what they hoped would be our engagement. After hearing I said yes, they shouted in celebration and caused a huge commotion in the middle of the airport, complete with lots of hugs and kisses.

Brandon and I are to be married June 3rd, of 2016. Our engagement was incredible, and more than I could ever have dreamed of, but I take even more joy in knowing it only precedes the years of adventures we'll have together for the rest of our lives.
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