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Hector and Kortnee - The Day of The Proposal - April 22, 2016
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Hector and Kortnee - The Day of The Proposal - April 22, 2016

You cannot vote for this story anymore, as this story participated in constest that ended on June 30, 2016

He has been planning for weeks - he is ready, he knows she will say yes, but he is nervous, anxious, and cannot focus at work.

She has known for days, but she refuses to let him know that she suspects anything. She tries her best to act normal, terrified that she will reveal to him that she knows what he is about to do. She is nervous, anxious, and cannot focus at work.

At home, they have both been faking it. For her; the last week has been torture. The clues have been subtle to most, but so obvious to her. Who can she tell? Who can she trust with this secret?

For him; the last month has been torture. Keeping a secret like this from his best friend and the love of his life is the most impossible situation. Who can he tell? Who can he trust with this secret?

He tells her they are going to a fancy restaurant nearby - the fanciest. She cannot help herself; she keeps imagining how it will happen. She find the perfect dress, shoes, and mentally prepares herself for her whole world to change. She waits for him to pick her up. Has he asked her Dad? Do her friends know? Will he go through with it? These are all questions going through her head. Trying to appear normal and unsuspecting; she silently sits in the truck next to him, holding his clammy hand, obsessing over every word he says, trying to engrave the day into her brain forever. She is worried she will forget the details.

On the way to the location; he is losing his mind. Pretending to get directions, he is secretly texting his conspirators. Weeks of planning, years of love, he is ready and excited. His palms are sweating - can she tell? He hears himself asking her the same questions over and over again - "How was work" - he has no idea that she wasn't able to work today. He has know idea that she has been obsessing over this moment all week.

Suddenly, he takes a right turn. She immediately realizes that they are not going to the restaurant now, they are going to a local boardwalk. This is 'their spot'. He is going to do it here. Her eyes are tearing up - she suppresses her reaction. She tries to act normal.

He has everything planned - he has been coming to this spot for weeks "practicing" the proposal; proposing to the air, checking the lighting, checking the wind, ensuring that there are not too many people around. He has educated himself on diamonds and has found what he knows is the perfect ring. He knows she will say yes - now is the time.

When the moment comes, he surprises her and the moment is even more special and memorable than she ever could have imagined. HE HAS ARRANGED TO HAVE A DRONE VIDEO THE PROPOSAL!!!!! As she says "yes" she is amazed at all of the effort he has put into this and so grateful that they will forever have this moment documented to live over and over again for the rest of their lives.

Here is a vidoe of the moment that they will never forget:

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