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Learn the Pros and Cons of a Wedding Destination

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A destination wedding offers an exciting break away from a traditional white wedding. But is it right for you? You must check its pros and cons before diving into a decision. Or better yet, make it cons and pros (It’s always great to end in a positive note!).

Find out if you made the right decision. Take a quick peak at the pros and cons of a wedding destination.

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The following list of pros and cons of a wedding destination should help you evaluate whether a destination wedding is right for you. Make sure you weigh them properly.

Con: The first issue to tackle when planning for a wedding destination would be the costs. After all, what you are considering entails trips out of town (sometimes abroad), accommodations, and time away from work (for your guests).

As wedding etiquette would have it, you will have to cover for the meals and accommodation expenses, while the guests are expected to pay for their fares, although you can be generous and offer to cover fares, too. As this is so, there’s not only your own budget to consider, but your guests’ as well. And oh, you must be wary of currency values. Do not be surprised to find your dollars weak against the UK euro.

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Pro: Not only you have noticed the growing trend in destination wedding. Popular resorts have also set their eyes on this lucrative market. Because of this, they are willing to go out of their way to give you special services, at a package. That means lower costs for you. More so, most airlines offer discounts for group travelers. So working on the flight schedule with your special guests should be on top of your list.

And you don’t have to be too daunted with stronger currencies. You just have to pick the right timing (off-peak seasons) and go treasure-hunting for not too popular locations that are just as heavenly. Or you can head straight to Asia and experience its mysticism and hospitability to tourists without compromising your currency value.

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Con: The distance and the perceived costs that come with a destination wedding may cause some of your invited guests to balk at the idea, even gripe about it and try to dissuade you. This is especially true for the elderly members of the family who have lost the stamina to take the long trip. You will have to consult with them (especially those who matter to you) before going on as planned to avoid ill feelings.

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Honeymoon Wedding Pro: The fact that a number of your guests might not make it at all is not always a bad thing. Come to think of it, this is a good excuse to keep disagreeable family members away on your special day. This may also mean lesser number of rambunctious kids since your guests want to leave them at home to lessen expenses. And another big bonus - less guests actually mean less costs! And don’t forget more intimacy and exclusivity.

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Honeymoon Wedding Con: You might encounter some problems with the planning part. Worse, you might come home not married at all. There is a big chance that you will be doing your wedding preparations in a country you are totally unfamiliar with and with a language you don’t understand at all. More so, the wedding ceremony you hold and the accompanying papers may not be legally binding back home.

Wedding Destination Pro: You might not have a problem at all as long as you make the necessary precautions. You can always check with the authorities back home for advice on legalities. And most decent wedding destinations do have hospitable attendants who can speak English. You can even hire a wedding consultant to have everything settled for you.

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Isn’t it great to end on a positive note? Well, it’s much greater to live your fantasy on your special day.

You can’t afford to be rash with your decisions when it comes to your wedding. The following list of the pros and cons of a destination wedding will help you make an informed decision.

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Wedding Honeymoon Ideas Wedding Honeymoon Planning Tips Wedding honeymoon To-Do List
Wedding Destination Guide Wedding Destination Ideas Wedding Destination Pros and Cons Contact Us

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