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Combine the romance of your wedding and honeymoon with a destination wedding

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Honeymoon Wedding So you finally got the engagement you have been dreaming of for as long as you can remember. Now you are considering your options. You have heard a lot about destination wedding. What is it about anyway?

This wedding destination guide provides assistance to your destination wedding preparations. You will be surprised by how much trouble it will save you.

Preparing for a wedding is not easy. It is not any different with a destination wedding. But having the right knowledge can make all the difference and that is what you get from this destination wedding guide.

This article provides an informative guide so that you know what destination wedding is all about. You will also learn to act in accordance to norms so that you won’t have to breach wedding etiquette.

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What is a destination wedding?

Your special day gets the merit of the name ‘destination wedding’ when you go to a special place for the affair. If there are only the two of you at the ceremony, then you are holding a type of wedding called ‘eloping’. A destination wedding is a great option for couples who wish to spill out their creative juices or to simply ‘get away’. A wedding of this type is also great for those who have a specific theme in mind that only a special place can give justice to (think fairytale-inspired weddings).
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Honeymoon Wedding Wedding Etiquette

Just like every type of wedding, there is a standard pattern of practice to consider. You have heard the ladies talk about it over brunch—wedding etiquette. So what are the do’s and don’ts of a destination wedding?

Your invitations, announcements, and ‘Save the Dates’ are bound to take center stage when talking about issues concerning destination weddings. You must keep in mind that you should only send out invitations to people you want to be present at the wedding. Otherwise, you may opt for announcements. You should send them after the wedding. You can make up for those you did not invite by setting up a local reception (although this is optional).

You should also take the time to send a ‘Save the Date’ letter to every guest invited. The letter should be mailed early so that they will have time to arrange for plane reservations. This is especially appreciated by those who wish to stay at the destination for an extended period of time. This will also come in helpful for those who need to arrange a leave from work well ahead of time.
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Honeymoon Wedding Your Wedding Budget

Is your limited budget making you wonder whether a destination wedding is fit for you? Whether your wedding will be cheaper than the traditional type depends on your preferences — your choice of location, time of the year (peak seasons are much more expensive), the size of the wedding guest list, and your overall theme.

Nevertheless, you are bound to find destinations that cater to your special needs. You will encounter resorts that offer packages inclusive of meals, flowers, wedding cake, and decorations. They also offer discounts for group accommodations. You can even count on airlines for maximized savings, as most airlines give discounts to those who travel in groups.
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Other Details

If you are wondering about legal requirements, the best action to take is to contact the local license bureau (of your chosen destination, that is) for the information you need. Requirements may differ by state and calling the legal authority is the sure-fire way of getting the exact information you need.

One more important thing to consider — transporting your wedding gown. You can’t just stash your bridal dress into your luggage. It deserves a lot of extra care. It should be no sweat if you are traveling first-class. All you have to do is arrange for the airline to have your dress kept safe in the plane’s coat closet. But not all planes have a special closet in their cabins, though. The best thing to do for cases like these is to ship your bridal dress to the destination. Make sure it is well-packed in a big box. You can use stuffing to hold the dress in place (pieces of paper or tissue will do).
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Always try to have a plan ready for every course of action you take so you don’t get into any unnecessary mishap. This given, you know you have to keep your cool. Do not give in to your wedding jitters. Your wedding is a joyous occasion - make it so.

beaches beaches Sandals
Wedding Honeymoon Ideas Wedding Honeymoon Planning Tips Wedding honeymoon To-Do List
Wedding Destination Guide Wedding Destination Ideas Wedding Destination Pros and Cons Contact Us

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