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Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing with these Destination Wedding Ideas

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So you have decided to hold a destination wedding. Now you have to attend to details. Which location do you have in mind? What should be your color motif? How about your choice of flowers? And just what kind of wedding favors should you choose? Before you delve into such detailed aspects of your wedding, you must first decide on a wedding theme. This will save you from a lot of confusion and costly change-of-mind.

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Honeymoon Wedding For History Enthusiasts

If you are a big history fanatic who can’t get over the old eras, then a historical theme is what you’re looking for. Now you can choose among a range of historical periods characterized by different fascinating styles. Are you thinking vintage? Then a Victorian garden is the perfect paradise for you (think lace gloves, parasols, and beautiful pastel blooms).

If you have always enjoyed watching movies like the West Side Story, Grease, and the sultry Dirty Dancing, then a more recent historical period is your thing. A wedding that relives the ‘60s is your idea of a dream wedding. Now get started with your search for a Chantilly bridal dress (preferably short in length), a pill-box hat matched with a face netting, and a pair of go-go boots.

If you believe nothing beats the old classics, then you must widen your choice among a marvelous range of romantic periods. Go Shakespearean by reliving 1564-1616. If you think nothing can get as regal as the reign of Queen Elizabeth, then you must go Elizabethan by celebrating 1558-1603. If you wish to go archaic, then you must narrow your choices to Ancient Rome (9BC-5AD) or Ancient Greece (750BC-146BC). Or you can go aristocratic with a wedding that celebrates the renaissance years during the 14th-17th centuries.

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Wedding Destination Ideas Succumbing to Your Wild Side

If you wish for a more exotic and adventurous wedding, then going outdoors may be the best route for you. You can get married amongst giraffes and elephants by choosing to hold your wedding at an African bush. This is perfect for explorers who like the idea of a Safari wedding.

Or you can go underwater. You can go straight to diving enthusiasts’ destination in Maui and have your reservations arranged. A ceremony of this kind kicks off with a ride on a private boat, after which the couple dives in (complete with diving gear) and exchanges their vows using underwater slates and hand signals. The ceremony is then culminated back on the spacious boat.

You can even go magical with a rainforest wedding. Your perfect wedding destination is Australia’s jungle complete with its lush tropical forest, sweet-smelling ferns (yes, they do smell good), and palm trees. All these while listening to music only wild birds can make.

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There is so much to choose from that going traditional with a white wedding in a cathedral seems bland and dry. Go ahead and choose your perfect wedding theme and start living your dream (if only for a day!).

This article provides wedding destination ideas that appeal to different types of personality. Whether you are looking for something sweet and romantic or wild and steamy, you will find a wedding destination idea that appeals to your preference.

Cuba Paradisus Varadero Wedding Destination Ideas Cuba Paradisus Varadero Room

Do you want to go romantic in historical sites? Or do you have something wilder and more adventurous in mind? Either way, you will find the following wedding destination ideas engaging.

The following wedding destination ideas will help you decide on your choice of destination. Make sure that you choose one that appeals to both your partner’s and your own preferences.

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When choosing a wedding theme, you should check on your own personalities. Do not make the mistake of putting what other people have to say as top priority. Go for what makes you happy. Your wedding is ‘your’ special day, so make it so. Besides, this is the whole point of a destination wedding — to capture your fantasies.

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Wedding Honeymoon Ideas Wedding Honeymoon Planning Tips Wedding honeymoon To-Do List
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