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John and Dorothy - No More Bad Dreams
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Please comment below what you liked the most and what you think is the most romantic, crazy, and funny in their story. And more important, why do you think they deserve to win the contest.

You cannot vote for this story anymore, as this story participated in constest that ended on June 30, 2017

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John and Dorothy - No More Bad Dreams

You cannot vote for this story anymore, as this story participated in constest that ended on June 30, 2017

This coming January 28th, my fiance I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary. YEP! We've been together for 10 years (yep, since highschool) We've known each other for a good 12 years and soon enough I will be Mrs. Barnes <3

The weekend before Victoria Day (May 23 2016) long weekend, John's aunt and uncle paid us a visit. We had discussed that since it is a long weekend, it would be nice to go out of town. Also, John had previously mentioned that he wanted to pay his aunt in Ottawa a visit, and it's an added bonus that it's also the Tulip Festival (Tulips are one of my favorite flowers). John's uncle suggested that if we were to drive all the way to Ottawa we might as well go to Montreal and Quebec since I haven't been there.

Was I excited? HECK YEAH! People that are really close to me know that whenever I go on trips (even if its just local or just out of town), I get really excited. I do my homework in finding out the best "must go-to" tourist attractions (and of course the foodie in me also researched the best food in town). I had written it all down my organizer and I'm pretty sure I already had my outfits planned like a week before the trip. Anyway, back to the topic. So the plan was that on Saturday (May 21) past noon they would pick us up and we'd drive to Ottawa, spend the night at John's aunt's place then leave early morning for Montreal and Quebec. I suggested that we use airbnb when we're in Quebec so we'd actually have a kitchen to use and a place that could accommodate us all (Tita Yeyen (aunt), Tito Yuree (uncle), Ate Mara (cousin), John and myself). We found this simple but homey apartment nearby Montmorency Falls.

So the night before our weekend escapade, I had already planned out everything I was bringing, I had a list written down on my organizer. I was honestly so excited to go 'coz even if its just out of town I haven't really gone on a trip in a while so I was looking forward to it. Plus, I've never been to Montreal and Quebec before and I've always had a thing for French culture/architecture what-have-you. John's aunt and uncle picked up at around 1pm, it was roughly a 5-6 hour drive to Ottawa. Before heading straight to John's aunt's (Tita Erlie) place, I was really looking forward to checking out the Tulip Festival. Sadly, it wasn't all that great. It was more of a garden if anything, tbh. We also walked around Ottawa's Parliament for a bit, you know the usual touristy thing to do (At least, that's what I thought!) When we were walking towards the Parliament, John and Tita Yen went on ahead because they had to use the washroom. I was kind of wondering why they were walking way ahead so fast, but got distracted 'coz Tito Yuree was taking pictures of Ate Mara and myself. I noticed Tita Yen came back and then Tito Yuree disappeared and John was still nowhere to be found (apparently had to use the washroom again? Hmmmm....) We took some selfies for a bit then decided to head down to Byward Market and grab Tita Erlie some cupcakes as an early birthday celebration (since we wouldn't be around for her actual birthday). So by the time we actually got to Tita Erlie's place it was already 9pm. While we were having dinner, Tita Erlie whisphered something to John something along the lines "yun na ba yun?" (translation: is that it?) *pointing at the ring I was wearing on my right* and John responded "Hindi po. I'll tell you later" (translation: no, its not) (hmmm got a bit suspicious there but I didn't take it too seriously because ever since John's ate got married his family's been teasing us non-stop that we were next).

So the next day (May 22), the plan was to leave Ottawa at around 8am so we'd have enough time to get to Montreal and Quebec before the sun sets. We got to Montreal shortly before noon and we went for mass in L'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal. We headed to downtown and visited Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal (yes we went to church again, but more for a viewing rather actually attending mass). It was one of the must-go-and-see-when-in-Montreal places. When we got in, John and I sat on the left side and towards the front. I was wondering why the rest of them decided to sit further back though. I thought maybe they just wanted to give us some space. We just sat there in silence for a bit, kinda people-watching. I saw an old couple that were holding hands and were taking selfies by themselves and even made a joke, "Beb, I think that's how we're gonna look/be like when we get old" Haha. After the church visit at Notre Dame, we were famished. As previously mentioned, I had a list of must-try-places (including food) and one of them was Montreal smoked meat. It was a popular spot so there was quite a bit of a wait. We left for Quebec close to 3pm.

The next stop in Quebec was Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Shrine (yes another church, haha I felt like we were doing a Visita Iglesia) and it was beautiful. We got there probably around 5:30 or 6pm? Unfortunately it was closed so we just took pictures. Shortly after we decided to check out the airbnb place that we got so we could unload our luggage, freshen up before heading to Old Quebec. We got to Old Quebec around 7:30pm? Mind you it was a Sunday so everything closes early and yep, we didn't get to go to the Market to grab some groceries since it was already closed. So John suggested to just take a stroll around Old Quebec since we were going to be heading back to Toronto the next day. The last meal we had was around lunch time when we left Montreal so I was starting to get "hangry". Most of the restaurants nearby were upscale so we didn't really want to eat somewhere too fancy. I wanted a snack. So John suggested the nearby McDonald's instead. His idea of snack? Iced coffee. NOPE. Not going to cut it for me. I got a burger. John said to just take it to-go so we could continue strolling. *Oh my poor feet*

After I chowed down that burger, the balance was restored and all was calm and peaceful again(well... ish). We found a spot by a tree nearby the Fairmont Hotel and there were benches surrounding it. We sat around for a bit but John wanted to check out the boardwalk. As we were approaching the boardwalk, a man playing was playing Eric Clapton's "You Look Wonderful Tonight". John's immediate response was : "Wow. It's so romantic here!" My response? "Omg. That's so cheesy" (I know, I was such a ray sunshine!) I was enjoying the view and I noticed John kept sighing. So I asked, "Is everything alright? Are you okay? Are you annoyed with me 'coz I've been cranky?" He was like "No no. It's nothing" Then when we walked towards the end of the boardwalk, John saw this long flight of stairs and what does he want to do? Yup. Go up the stairs. It was quite chilly that night. I was wearing a dress and sandals so I wasn't the most co-operative. When we got to the top, there seemed to be another path which felt like it was just going to head back down anyway. So John was like, "You can stay here, I'll check out if its worth going.." "Sure!". John came back and agreed that we should just head back down. It was getting pretty late so I was adamant in heading back to where the rest of the group was. I was worried that they wanted to get some rest since we were going to be heading back to Toronto the next day (9-hour-drive).

As we headed back down, there was a balconette overlooking the city. John asked me "Do you like the moon or the stars more?" I answered "Hmm.. I think both? I think they compliment each other well". The spot where we were currently standing had a beautiful full moon that almost looked like a spotlight on us. While John and I were enjoying the view, he asks me.. "Why do you always dream of me cheating on you" So, just to catch you guys up on what he was referring to...

A few days before the trip, I had a bad dream that John was supposed to meet me for my birthday. However, he never showed up. Then I saw his sister and asked if she's seen him. She said that she saw John with his friends at a bar. So I went to the bar, saw John and asked why he never showed up. Then John's response was "I'm confused". To which I replied, "What do you mean?! Is there a third party involved? Who is it?". John then replies, "You don;t know her. She's one of my co-workers. She's 2 months pregnant". I started crying so hard that John got scared and woke me up because he thought I was having a bad nightmare.

Now that you're all caught up. I replied, "It's not that I don't trust you. It's nothing to do with that all. If anything, its more about me. I've always had a history of people leaving me behind and disappointing me". John: "We've been together for 9 and 1/2 years. I'm not planning on going anywhere. I'm here for the long-run, so you don't have to worry that I will leave you". *Butterflies*. We noticed this board beside us that had historical information about it being the "Ideal Site of Fortification". Me being the gullible person that I am, actually read the entire thing out aloud. Then John goes... "Beb. I have something for you". I kid you not, the two things that popped into my head was it's probably a Hello Kitty souvenir (he usually gets me a small something whenever he goes on trips) or food (Yes, don't judge me. Only a true foodie would know). So I was like "What is it?" I noticed John starts reaching for his pocket. As soon as I saw the box... considering how when John got back from his Dubai trip couple of months that I saw that box (but we'll save that for another story). I started crying, like really crying, not the pretty and composed, the ugly cry type. John uncovered my eyes (my hands were glued to my face), and there he was on one knee, and asked the four words every girl dreams of being asked, "Will you marry me?" (Blooper: John was so nervous that instead of putting the ring on my finger, he handed me the box with the ring IN it :D HAHAHA)

As I nodded yes, he stood up and hugged me and said "So there's no more bad dreams" <3

so to my friends that don't already know, that is the reason why my engagement announcement in instagram/facebook was my calligraphy note with my ring.
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