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One of the daunting tasks awaiting most bride-to-be's like you is planning a great floral arrangement for the wedding. To achieve this, you have to enlist the services of the right florist - one who understands what you want and who would be able to design your wedding flowers to complement your whole wedding theme.

Finding the Right Florist for You

Flower selection and arrangements should be classified as high priority on every bride's wedding checklist. It may not be the easiest task on the list but working with a florist who can easily visualize what you want can make the whole process easier and even fun.

So how do you meet the florist who's got the right touch? You can go through a phone book, search online, and ask your friends and family, especially those who've been married. Your wedding planner, if you have one, can also recommend somebody. Once you've short-listed your initial prospects, talk to people who've acquired the florists' services before. Testimonials or word-of-mouth are the most credible forms of advertising.

Aside from track record, it's also important to pick a florist whose style is in synch with what you want for your wedding. Take a look at photos of floral arrangements done with other clients, browse through their brochures, and visit their shops. A florist whose style you like and has good (if not great) client feedback should be a perfect.

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Planning with Your Florist

The hunt for your ideal florist must be done at least six months before your wedding day. This way, you'll seal the deal with four months to go. And during your appointment, you should be equipped with the following:
1. Final reception and ceremony venues. You and your florist will be discussing the number of floral arrangements needed to make sure that it's just ideal for the venue.
2. Color scheme and/or theme of the wedding. Your florist needs to make sure that the flowers you'll decide on won't clash or get washed out with your colors and other decors. Plus, your flowers should also complement the dresses of your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor.
3. A list of the kinds of flowers you want, including your desired arrangements and who or what they're for. This way the right floral arrangement will be labeled according to its purpose. The orchid boutonniere will be labeled groomsman, the multi-colored rose petals will be labeled flower girl, and so on.
4. A photograph of your wedding gown. This way, you and your florist will get to decide what kinds of flowers, arrangements, and the bridal bouquet will complement your dress the most.
5. Photos, illustrations, and website links to flowers and designs that you want imitated.

When your florist understands your style and gets an overview of what your wedding would be like, he or she will be able to work with your ideas and transform them into the kind of floral arrangements you've imagined for your wedding. Plus, a good florist will be able to add more creativity and style in areas where it's lacking.

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So don't treat your wedding's floral design as a necessary evil you have to take care of. Pour your heart into the process. Keep in mind that flowers are essential elements in every memorable wedding. They add to the magical quality that emits in every lovingly-planned wedding.

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