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The Right Ideas Make for the Perfect Bridal Blossoms

Flowers are a very important part of every bride's wedding. More than just making up the wedding bouquet, flowers go a long way to help turn your wedding day enchanting and memorable. But take them for granted and they could set the wrong mood for the reception and cause you to waste a huge amount of money.

No Easy Feat

Flower selection and arrangements should be classified as high priority on every bride's wedding checklist. It may not be the easiest task on the list but working with a florist who can easily visualize what you want can make the whole process easier and even fun.

So What do You Want?

Decision-making regarding your wedding flowers can be pretty tough. Here are some tips that may help you give your florist an idea of what to prepare for your wedding.

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Set the Mood

Together with your groom, decide on the best color scheme or theme for your wedding. This should narrow-down your flower arrangement options and give you ideas on which type of flowers will match your desired color or theme. Knowing whether your wedding should be lavish or simple, or if you want minimal decorations can help with the selection, as well. So if you want a rainbow color scheme or a fairy-land theme, let your florist know.

Know Your Flowers

If you already have a favorite flower in mind, consider its availability. If your flower is out of season, you either have to settle for something with a similar shape and color, or spend far more to get what you want. So research on your preferred flowers in advance to know if they're in season. If not, you could discover that they have a similar-looking kin that's available in time for your wedding.

And if you're still on the lookout for the perfect kinds of flowers for your wedding, research will not only tell you of their availability, but also of their meanings as well. So if you want your blossoms to be symbolic, each kind of flower has a certain meaning: myrtle for love, heliotrope for devotion, ivy for fidelity, and jasmine for amiability.

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Imagine the Scene

You may have envisioned the flower arrangements of your wedding from the ceremony to the reception. Write them down and discuss the possibilities with your florist. Do you want blossoms along the aisles? What kind of centerpieces do you want? Will your flower girls need bouquets or petals? Being equipped even with just the basic ideas will give your florist a head start to planning something that you want and not what your florist wants.

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If you're having a hard-time coming up with creative ideas for flower arrangements, here are some ideas you could consider talking to your florist about:
   1. Gifts for your and your groom's VIP guests.
   2. If your ceremony or reception is near a pool, pond, or waterfall, flowers can add a charming touch as a floating decoration.
   3. The bride can make use of a garland of flowers as a hair accessory.
   4. A canopy of flowers can be placed at the entrance of the ceremony, or the couple could get married under it. This could later be transferred to the entrance of the reception.
   5. Your florist could create separate clusters of flowers instead of one huge centerpiece for each table. This way, each guest can take one home as a souvenir.

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The key to finding the perfect flowers and the right arrangments is for you to enjoy the whole experience. If you treat it as a daunting task that you need to get over and done with, then the all the loveliness may be stripped out from the experience.

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