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Wedding Decor Ideas

Add a Touch of Magic into Your Wedding Day with these Decor Ideas

Wedding ceremonies – including receptions – can be held just about anywhere. If you and your groom love the sea, then you can exchange vows and entertain your guests on a beachfront. If you are more about flowers and blossoms, however, then you can always plan a garden-themed wedding.

Wedding Head Table Decor Wedding Head Table Decoration

Indeed, your wedding decorations are the very things that keep your wedding day magical. With the right decorations, you can set the right mood – and consequently, elicit the right response from your guests. With the right decorations, you are letting the other aspects of wedding planning unfold and you tie them all up with a pretty ribbon.

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Ensure Site and Decor Compatibility

Your decorations should be consistent with your venue. Therefore, to ensure that have enough flowers, ribbons, or centrepieces, go and pay your venue a visit. Together with your wedding decorator, check out the site and see what needs to be done and what can be forgone.

Better yet, take pictures. If you are holding the ceremony in a church, take snapshots of the aisle, the altar, and the pews. These photos will surely help you and your decorator come up with great designs. On top of that, these initial pictures will act as an inspiration – you'll be more than inspired to see the transformation of the church: from a simple row of pews, to an elegant arrangement of chairs.

Of course, don't forget your reception venue. See what can be done on the gift table, the walls, the ceilings, the buffet tables, and even the floors. By carrying out an ocular inspection, you don't have to lie awake at night, worrying about the compatibility of your decorations and your venue.

Wedding Ceremony Decor Wedding Ceremony Decor

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Sweat the Small Stuff

This is not to say that you should complicate your life. Rather, this means that you should not leave details – any detail – unattended. While you may be busy pouring out your support to the decorations of the presidential table, you may already have forgotten about the gift tables, the walls, or the ceilings.

Wedding Chair Covers and Tablecloth Wedding Chair Covers and Tablecloth Wedding Chair Covers and Tablecloth

Here are some ideas on how to pay sufficient attention to those details:
a. Put the guest book and a pen on a small table that's adorned with fresh blooms.
b. Have a picture of you and your groom on a tarpaulin or on a large-scale canvass.
c. Decorate the banisters and railings. You can either make use of garlands or white lights.
d. Don't be afraid to make use of balloons. Wedding experts believe that the best combination of balloon colors is gold, white, and ivory. These colors do not only demonstrate elegance, but they are also safe as they won't clash with your motif – whatever the color maybe.
e. You can also make use of balloon droppings to provide accent to your ceiling. This idea works best when you let these balloons drop just after the cake-slicing or wine-toasting tradition.

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Wedding Cake Tables Decor Wedding Cake Tables Decoration Wedding Cake Tables Decor

Wedding Chuppas Wedding Gift Table Decor Wedding Mandaps

Indeed there are so many things that you can do to let your decors make a fine show out of your wedding ceremony and party. If you have some fabulous ideas, share them with us. And together, we can work towards creating a blast out of the most important day of your life: your wedding day!

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Wedding Cake Table Decor Wedding Chair Covers and Tablecloth Wedding Chuppas Wedding Ceremony Decor
Wedding Head Table Decor Wedding Gift Table Decor Wedding Mandaps

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