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Wedding Decor Tips

What Would You Make your Wedding Day Wear?

The decoration on your ceremony or reception helps set the mood of your wedding day. It is like the style that gives elegance to your wedding dress. So if your wedding day were a person, what you make it wear?

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Dream Theme

Spend some time with your groom to decide on the theme of your wedding. Would you like to have a fairytale themem or would you like to keep the most important day of your life a black tie event? Or would you like to loosen up the mood and go for a luau-inspired ceremony, instead?

Deciding on your wedding theme is important because all other aspects of the decoration will be based on this. Therefore, this task should be on top of your wedding checklist. Flower arrangements, table setup, and even guest attire won't be finalized if no dream wedding theme comes into mind.

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Formulate Your Budget

Once you've already decided on the theme of your wedding, then you can proceed with allotting a budget for this aspect of the wedding planning. Of course, set a friendly enough budget, so you don't have to sacrifice the quality of your decorations in the name of money.

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Remember, however, that the budget of your decorations is largely dependent on your theme. For instance, if you go for a very formal event, of course you need to pay more on the venue itself, the food, and the kind of materials that will be used in decorating the aisle and the tables. So make sure that your budget should be consistent with your wedding theme.

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Work around Your Budget

Now that you've had a specific figure to spend on your wedding decorations, stick to it. Remember that you've spent a considerable amount of time adding and multiplying, so make sure that you can put your effort into good use.

Don't go over your budget. Otherwise, you ruin the essence of the word. A great idea in staying within your financial limits is to get a wedding decorator who can help you make the most out of your budget.

Look at their track record, and see if they are in simply for the money or if they are truly offering their services to keep the bride – and the groom – happy.

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Here are some tips on how you and your wedding decorator can stay within your budgetary requirements:
a. Buy minor items such as laces and candles from your nearby bargain stores.
b. If you're not so particular about your flowers, you can make use of artificial flowers for your centerpieces.
c. Don't be afraid to go for the basics. Sometimes, less is more – and less is more elegant.

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One last thing: remember that your wedding theme should be the choice of both you and your groom. While in many instances the theme is largely a bride's choice, you should not forget to give your groom the chance to have a say on this aspect of the wedding preparation. If you cannot immediately agree, work towards a compromise. After all, it's his wedding day, too.

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