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Wedding Day Hairstyle Tips for Every Bride

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The bride who used to agonize over the perfect hairstyle to wear to the prom, homecoming, or the first date can tell you that those occasions combined together won't even add up to the pressure of achieving the perfect hairstyle for her wedding day.

But choosing the right hairstyle isn't an unnecessary stress because it completes your look on your wedding day. No bride in her right mind would want to top off a beaded designer gown with a head of frizzy or dry mane, right? So unless your wedding theme is punk glam, you need to decide on the kind of hairstyle you want, and don't wait the night before the big day to arrive at one.

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Don't just pick a wedding hairstyle just because it's in this season, or it looked good on Katie Holmes when she said her “I do.” Instead, consider your wedding gown, your veil, your other accessories, and the theme of your wedding. Although it should reflect your personality, you need to have a boundary too. Do you really want to pull your hair up if your desired look is a fairy princess? And if you want a traditional and solemn ceremony, do you really think dying it pink would be appropriate?

Here are some ideas to help guide you towards your perfect wedding day hairstyle:

1. See to it that it accentuates your best features instead of shielding them. Too much tendrils may conceal your eyes or your lips.

2. Before you decide on veils, tiaras, or flowers, decide on how you'll be wearing your hair. Side combs with tiny flowers, small tiaras, and jeweled hairpins are great if you're wearing an updo. Garlands, jeweled headbands, and bigger tiaras go well with loose, wavy curls.

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3. Stick to your usual style, especially if you're the type who can turn into a nervous wreck. This way, you'll feel more like yourself. So if you've never tried straight hair before, don't do it if you aren't up for it.

4. Shop around for a really great colorist and get some subtle highlights done. This will bring out the color of your eyes and brighten up your skin.

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5. If you look absolutely lovely with two hairstyles and you can't decide which one to pick, then choose both. You can wear one during the ceremony and the other during your reception.

6. If your hair isn't long enough for the kind of ‘do you want to wear, ask your hairdresser for some clip-on extensions.

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7. If you're aiming for a style you've never tried before, experiment with it well in advance. This only applies to temporary styles which you can undo easily such as bangs, curls, and straightening. Don't chop off your hair or put on a permanent color if you do not know how the outcome would look like.

8. If your wedding is informal, held outdoors, or during the daytime, flowing, loose hair is appropriate. You can also opt to braid it or entwine it with a pretty fabric that complements your wedding dress.

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Keep in mind that the perfect wedding ‘do isn't achieved with the latest trend or the most expensive hairdresser. It's all about enjoying your moment and having the feeling of being as magical and lovely as you look.

Wedding Hairstyle About Us Wedding Hairstyle Do's and Don'ts Wedding Hairstyle Tips Contact Vendors

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