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Wedding Hairstyle: The Do's and Don'ts

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Every bride desires her wedding day to be nothing short of perfection. The ceremony should be meaningful, the music should convey their love story, the reception should reflect the theme, the wedding gown should be magical, and her crowning glory would be totally glorious.

You may think that your hairstyle won't really need that much fuss since the veil or your hairpiece matters more. But it's way up there on the important list because it will complete your look on your wedding and accentuate your features. You don't want to appear too severe or too tousled and ruin the look you want.

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The following do's and don'ts in wedding hairstyles may help guide you to having the loveliest mane on your wedding day. Read on.

The Do's

1. If you have a round face, do keep the fullness on top and right below your chin line. The hair around your ears should be closer to your face so as not to accentuate the roundness. The goal here is to lengthen the appearance of your face.

2. If you have an oval shaped-face, you're lucky. You can wear just about any hairstyle you want. Do pull your hair back and wear your veil under the bun and not over your face.

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3. Do consider giving your face a more rounded look if it's rectangular in shape. Consider tendrils and wispy bangs to soften your aura and consider having your veil over your face.

4. Do wear your hair at chin length if you have a heart-shaped face. Accentuate it with wispy bangs or you can part it at the side. Make your hair fuller right under your ears or around your nape.

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5. Do wear short to medium length hair if your face is square-shaped. Try out some curls to soften your look.

6. If your wedding is formal or held on an evening, consider sweeping it back to reveal more of your features.

7. Do experiment with hair accessories and clip-on extensions if you have short hair. Remember that you can wear your hair a long and lustrous hairstyle with these add-ons.

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The Don'ts

1. Don't sport a short ‘do if your face is round. It will only make it rounder and you don't want to appear that way in all your wedding pictures.

2. Don't wear your hair too long and don't put too much height on the top of your head if your face is rectangular. Your face will appear longer and this may give you a severe look during your wedding day.

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3. Don't emphasize a square face by having your hair straightened or pulling it all back.

4. Don't start planning your hairstyle the night before your wedding. To wear a hairstyle that perfectly suits you, you need to start planning and experimenting at least a month before your wedding.

5. Don't force on a hairstyle even if it doesn't suit you just because it's the hottest thing for brides this season.

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Avoid stressing out and know what works well for you long before your wedding day. Discuss with your friends, research online, and get the help of a good hairdresser to give you the look of magic and perfection on your most special day.

Wedding Hairstyle About Us Wedding Hairstyle Do's and Don'ts Wedding Hairstyle Tips Contact Vendors

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