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We know you have questions, and we have the answers. If there's something on your mind that isn't shown on here, don't hesitate to give us a ring or send us an email, we're here to help.
What happens if my guests make mistake writing on the petal?
They invented white out for a reason! No we kid; each package comes with 20 extra petals for cases just like this.

What should my guest write on the petals?
Ask them to speak from the heart, and whatever wishes they have for you, to pen them down on the petals.

I received my order and something is missing, what do I do?
No problem, tell us what it is and we'll get to work resolving the issue.

Do I have to use the metallic pens included with the sets?
No, it's entirely optional. We promote unique-ness and creativity, use whatever colors you want. Although we would make one small recommendation is to use Sharpie thin or ultra-thin pens, as they write grea on the surface of our petals.

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Can I customize the bouquet with different colors?
Girlfriend, you can do anything you like with the bouquet, we actually encourage trying different colors and styles out, it makes the product all the more unique to fit your style. Tie colored ribbon, wrap a family heirloom handkerchief on the bouquet handle, or pin a beautiful brooch. Send us your ideas and we can include them in our gallery.

What's the best way to display the bouquet so that guests are able to ready the petals?
Clear cylinder vase, it works perfect so that all the petals are shown and easily readable.

I lost my instructions, I'm lost, what do I do?
View Wishes Bouquet Instructions Here
View Wish Clips Instructions Here

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Can I see the videos of how Petal Wishes works?
You sure can - Watch Petal Wishes in Action.

Setting Your Petal Wishes Bouquet at a Bridal Shower or Party

Removing the flower center & Petals from your Petal Wishes Bouquet

Creating a Shadow Box Keepsake from Your Petal Wishes Bouquet

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