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Brides Fashion Emergency Kit

Brides Fashion Emergency Kit Emergency Kits for Bridesmaids
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Emergency Bridal Kit - A Fashion Emergency Kit For Your Wedding Day
The day of your wedding can be a day you will never forget. You have spent at least six months to a year planning this life changing event. However, for as much time and effort as you have devoted to the celebration of your love and the joining of two lives, sometimes things can just go terribly wrong. What if you get a stain? What if you lose a button or one of your newly manicured fingernails gets a chip? For such little unexpected emergencies, there is something called a brides fashion emergency kit. Here is more information on a little kit that can save your wedding day from turning into a disaster.
Bride's Emergency Kit - Saving the Bride On Her Big Day
You are the bride, and this wedding has been a dream of yours for a very long time. You and the rest of the wedding party members have been planning this day down to the last detail. You are nervous that something could go wrong. The fashion emergency kit can give a bride peace of mind and mean all the difference between a stained wedding dress or the stunning dress that you have spent a lot of money on.

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Emergency Bridal Kit - Items to Solve Any Crisis
You are at the church and the wedding ceremony is going to begin very shortly. All of a sudden, your crown that your veil is attached to starts to fall out of place. What do you do to get that crown to stay in place? Did anyone bring anything to help you with your crown and veil? A bridesmaid emergency kit contains a few hair pins to be able to do a quick rescue to the crown and save it from falling off of your head. However, this is not the only thing in the emergency bridal kit. There are items such as Band-Aids, a sweating kit, and other things to solve any wedding day crisis.

Weddings can be truly amazing, beautiful, and yet incredibly stressful events that make everyone a little nervous. Whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid, a lot of time and work has gone into making sure the wedding is a perfect day. However, when a crisis does happen, there is an emergency bridal kit to save the most special day of the happy couple's lives.

Up to 16 emergency items that will hold the entire wedding party together!
Great gift for every fashionista!
These solutions will ensure a picture perfect day!
Beautiful keepsake bag doubles as a wedding day clutch!

Fix fallen hems, hold up strapless style, hide peek a boo straps and close gapping blouses
Remove deodorant and make up smudges
Remove static from garments
Stitch up a loose button
File chipped nails
Relieve aching feet

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6 Hollywood Fashion Tape® Strips
Sewing Kit
Blister Pad
Bobby Pins
Nail File
Lint Removing Sheets
Oil Blotting Tissues
Hair Band
Stain Removing Wipe
Static Guard
Drinking Straw
Deodorant Wipe
Specially for the Bride:
Wedding Bands
White Chalk

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