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The Merits of Custom-made Wedding Dresses Over Ready-made Ones
So why should you choose custom-made wedding dresses over ready-made ones? For tons of great benefits! The following should be reason enough for you to run to best designer you can find.

Your Wedding Dress - From Vision to Reality

You've had a picture of your wedding dress for as long as you can remember. Now that you're finally going to walk down the aisle, it's high time you turn the dream into reality. You've actually gone through the numerous bridal shops sprouting just about everywhere, still you have yet to find the dress you're looking for. Don't let your wedding jitters get to you. Going custom-made will put an end to your frustrating search.

The fact that you can't find your wedding dress anywhere is actually good news. It means that the dress you will be wearing as you face the important milestone in your life is yet to be made. That means you will not find any duplicate at all! So sit down, relax, and leave the designer to make your dreams a reality.

For Your Unique Sense of Style

You know how important it is for your wedding dress to fit your body shape perfectly. One thing you must not miss, though - your wedding dress should also fit your unique personality perfectly. For this purpose, custom-made wedding dresses are the way to go. You can ask the designer to incorporate your own sense of style and even your quirkiness in the dress. Better yet, design your own dress and ask the seamstress to bring it into reality.

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Celebrity Wedding Dress

If you don't care much about individuality and uniqueness and would rather put Hollywood glamour and glitz on the top of your list, custom-made wedding gowns are still the way to go. You can ask the designer to emulate a famous celebrity bridal gown and you are well on your way to looking like a million dollar without shelling as much money as you would, had you bought the real one.

Perfect for Your Body Size

So you just found out that the wedding dress that fits you is two sizes larger than what you had expected. Don't panic just yet. And there's definitely no reason to get depressed. You did not gain weight. Wedding dresses are sized differently than your usual dresses. Most bridal gowns average at 2 sizes larger than the normal dress. But this varies among manufacturers. Don't be surprised to find wedding dresses that are 3-4 sizes larger than your normal dress size.

This is where yet another advantage of custom-made wedding dresses comes in. By going straight to your manufacturer and having him make the perfect dress for your body size, you won't have to go through the trouble trying on wedding dresses that are frustratingly too big or too small for you. Not only will it save you a lot of time, it will help you keep your self-confidence too. Dresses that don't fit never fail to make anybody look bad and feel bad, even when it's just the fitting session.

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Weight Loss Plan

Are you planning to lose weight for the wedding? This can be a problem if you ordered a ready-made wedding dress well in advance. If you are going for a custom-made wedding dress, you simply have to keep the designer informed of your plans, and he would be willing to make the necessary adjustments.

Alterations can be very costly. That's why it's always wise to deal with bridal shops that take responsibility for the necessary alterations. You definitely gain much more leverage if you have a credible designer working on a custom-made wedding dress for you.

Custom-made Wedding Dresses for your Unique Specifications

Custom-made bridal gowns put an end to your frustrating, if not futile, search for a wedding dress that is different and that perfectly matches the wedding setting you're planning to have. So are you thinking of holding the ceremony at a pristine beach? A beautiful garden, maybe? Are you looking for that flowing dress that's fit for a goddess?

Or, are you thinking of something out and out unique? A Gothic wedding, maybe. Or is it Elizabethan that's in your mind? Medieval, perhaps? Is your sense of style too eclectic? What you need is a designer who will listen to even your most bizarre ideas.

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Are you disappointed to find that your search is leading you nowhere? Going custom-made is definitely the perfect route for you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to designer wedding dress of your dreams!
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