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Look Dashing on Your wedding Day with the Right Tuxedo

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Your wedding day is not all about the bride and her wedding dress. Your choice of tuxedo is just as important. You don't want to look drab beside your perfectly beautiful and elegant bride. Besides, you do want your bride to be proud of her handsome and well-dressed groom. So how do you pick the right tuxedo?

Make Them Match

First, you have to consider your wedding theme and your bride's wedding gown. You should be well aware of your wedding's level of formality and your partner's choice of bridal dress. Your choice of tuxedo should also be a reflection of your status and cultural affiliation.

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Your Venue

Your tuxedo should also match your venue. If you plan to hold the ceremony in a tropical setting like a beach, you may go formal, but make sure that your suit is in a light color and that its fabric is not too heavy. Light-weight wool in a fine quality is highly recommended. Microfiber also looks great, but you will have to bear with its warmer feel. Do not forget to inform your guests of any suggested dress code. For a beach wedding, you can advise your male guests to show up in a formal elegant shirt matched with a tie.

Time of the Day

You should also consider the scheduled time of your wedding when choosing your tuxedo. If you are going to hold the ceremony in the morning or in an afternoon summer day, you must go for softer colors and lighter fabrics. Your goal is to achieve a relaxed look. You don't want to appear too uptight and heavy in a formal evening wear. This is especially advised if you are holding the wedding outdoors.

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For winter or fall weddings, you are advised to be more formal. You will appear appropriately dressed in a darker suit. You must also choose sophisticated and elegant fabrics and colors. If you wish to add in a little color, you can do so through your tie. That little detail is what you need to brighten up your appearance for a bit.

Your Figure

Tall and Broad - You must also consider your body frame when picking a tuxedo. If you are the type who's tall, with broad shoulders, arms, chest, and neck, then you can lose that padding and choose an elegant shawl collar tuxedo instead. It will make you look slimmer with its clean tux lines. For a leaner look, you should opt for darker colors.

Pinstripes are also perfect for your figure. You should try and draw attention away from the upper part of your body. If you're the type who has a thick waist too, then you should go for tuxedos with a deep neckline. Keep away from cummerbunds, as they are very effective in drawing attention to your midsection.

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Tall and Slim - If you are the type who's had the fortune of being endowed with a tall and slim figure, you may go ahead and choose any type of tuxedo that satisfies your taste and preference. Anything will look good on you. Double-breasted coats and four or five-button tux jackets in a longer cut will look especially good on you.

For a tuxedo that will truly flatter your figure, you can have it tailor-made for a perfect fit. You may ask you tailor to add in extra padding in the jacket's shoulders. Pleated shirts and contrasting bands should complete the package.

Short and Slim - If you are the short and slim type, then your primary goal is to keep yourself from drowning in your suit. You should have your tuxedo tailor-made so that it fits you perfectly. Pleated tuxedo pants and a matching two or three-button jacket in monochromatic colors will look good on you.

Short and Stocky - If your frame is short and stocky, your goal is to look leaner. Just like those with a tall and broad frame, you must choose among tuxedos with a shawl collar. You should also wear shoulder pads that are a little thicker so that you create an illusion of a slimmer midsection and broader chest. Avoid cummerbunds and pleated shirts and select longer tux vests with deep V necklines.

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You should already be out on a hunt for the perfect tuxedo for you three months ahead of your scheduled wedding day. You should give enough time for necessary repairs and for manufacture if it is to be made from scratch. Remember, it is your special day and even if you don't care much about your looks, your beloved bride does. So do give your tuxedo the extra effort it deserves and look dashing on your wedding day.

Wedding Tuxedo Tips Contact Vendors

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