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Countdown Before the Big Day

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Your Wedding Checklist
12 Months or More Before the Wedding:

Discuss the amount of money you are willing to shell out for your wedding.
Discuss how the expenses will be divided among the two parties (that is, the two of you and the parents from both sides).
Decide on your choice of wedding theme (the two of you should agree on the style of wedding you want to have).
Decide on the level of formality and size of your wedding.
Choose your ideal wedding date. Be prepared with an alternative date.
Select your wedding destination.
Book your schedule with a wedding clergy. Arrange the necessary reservations.

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6 to 12 Months Before the Wedding:

Choose the participants for your wedding party:
    ·   Best man and Maid of Honor
    ·   Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (Ushers)
    ·   Flower girls and Page boys
    ·   Ring bearer
    ·   Celebrant
Confirm the availability of participants.
Work out a detailed budget.
Discuss your reception and venue. Make the proper reservations.
Prepare your guest list.
Discuss your honeymoon plans and arrange the necessary reservations.
Spread the word. Let everybody know about your engagement. You may want to contact only your friends and family or have it announced on the local newspaper.
Organize an engagement party.
Pick out your bridal gown, tuxedo, and accompanying accessories.
Pick out your wedding rings.
Prepare your gift registry.

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3 to 6 Months Before the Wedding:

Prepare the necessary marriage license requirements.
Pick out your wedding participants' attire.
Finalize the guest list you've prepared.
Prepare stationery and invitations.
Arrange your transportation services. Make the necessary reservations.
Decide on the menu.
Discuss your choice of musicians for the ceremony and contact them for reservations.
Contact your choice of reader for the ceremony.
Arrange your orders with the florist.
Arrange an appointment with the hairdresser you've chosen.
Contact your florist for your bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and your complete floral arrangement.
Check on the cake you've ordered.
Contact your caterer and check if everything's in order.
Confirm the wedding gifts. Make sure that you have your gift list straight (ring bearer gifts, groomsmen gifts, bridesmaids gifts, etc.)
Check if you have any problem with your stationery.
Discuss your shot list and your desired style of photography with your official photographer.
Discuss your preferences and specifications with your videographer.
Prepare a play list of songs you wish to be played on your wedding day and reception. Give the list to the musicians you've contacted.
Make sure you've delegated the tasks properly and that the members of the wedding party understand the essence of the role given to them.

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2 Months Before the Wedding:

Schedule your dress fitting and that of the wedding party.
Finalize the invitations and send them out.
Get your wedding gifts all prepped up. Work on the wedding favors.
Prepare the program and have them printed.
Discuss your wedding vows. You may have to write your own.
Confirm details of wedding ceremony with the clergy.
Confirm appointments with your beautician for your hair and make-up, and your nails too.
Check on the progress of your orders.
It's time to pick up your rings. You'll have to check if they fit.
Confirm your honeymoon arrangements.
Confirm the transportation you arranged.
Prepare the readings, prayers, and poems to be read out during the wedding ceremony. Make sure that you furnish copies for those who will be reading them.
Prepare your thank you notes. Be ready to give them out to guests who will be giving you gifts.

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1 Month Before the Wedding:

Check on the 'details' of your orders.
Make the necessary arrangements for the rehearsal. Prepare for a rehearsal dinner.
Work on the seating arrangement.
Finalize your look. Arrange a fitting session complete with your bridal gown, shoes, and accessories.
Arrange a meeting with the officiant and finalize the plans for the wedding ceremony.
Send out supplementary invitations.
Plan your itinerary for 'the' wedding day. Be attentive to details.

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2 Weeks Before the Wedding:

Finalize your plans for the reception. Attend to details.
Pick up your marriage license.
Throw out a party for your wedding participants.
Prepare your speeches.
Pick up your bridal gown.
Meet with your make-up artist and hairdresser. Discuss your final look for your wedding day.
Practice your complete final look with your stylists. You must have your planned makeup and hairstyle tried and tested before the 'big day' itself.
Confirm the reservations you've made for your honeymoon.
Contact those included in your guest list that have yet to reply.
Compose your short speeches for your reception toasts.
Check on your orders again. Follow up on those that have not yet been delivered.
Make sure that the physical arrangements are well taken care of. Attend to seating arrangements and the necessary seat place cards.

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1 Week Before the Wedding:

Work on the order of the procession.
Have your final rehearsal.
Pick up the dresses and tuxedos for the wedding participants.
Confirm the reservations and arrangements you've made.
    ·   Your accommodation
    ·   Your caterer (final numbers and menu)
    ·   Your transportation
    ·   Your honeymoon destination
Make sure that your marriage license has been delivered to the officiant.
Get everything that you need for your honeymoon all packed up and ready.
Check on your orders yet again.
Delegate wedding day tasks and errands to able and responsible helpers and attendants.
Write down everything that you need to bring to the wedding ceremony and reception.

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On THE day:

Wake up after a well-rested night's sleep.
Take a relaxing bath (and anything else that relaxes you. Make sure it's a quick one, though).
Eat a hearty breakfast.
Hand out the wedding bands to the best man.
Have the best man handle the cheques that are to be given out.
Get on with the presentation of gifts to the parents and attendants.
Get dressed and fixed up.
Don't forget to relax and have fun all throughout. It's your special day!

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After the Wedding:

Send out your wedding gifts and thank you notes.
Send a note of appreciation to your attendants, vendors, and suppliers.
Return all the stuff that you rented.
Make the payments that have yet to be covered.
Have your bridal gown dry-cleaned and preserved.

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Wedding Planning Checklist Wedding Planning Tips Contact Vendors

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