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Q&A on Wedding Makeup!

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Should I hire a Makeup Artist?

It really depends on your budget. If you can afford a makeup artist, then go ahead and hire one! You will need a professional's help in doing your makeup to make it look good both in photos and in person.

Doing your makeup yourself? Then you can ask for tips on how to do your makeup and start practicing for the perfect look. Please do not experiment on the day of your wedding! Keep the look that you are comfortable in so that you will enjoy the day, rather than worry on how your makeup looks at the moment.

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What makeup products should I use?

It is advisable to use the products that you have been using and the ones you know already work on you. Trying products that you have never tested before could initiate an allergic reaction causing redness and swelling. You wouldn't want to look like your face has been stung by a bee on your big day.

If you do want to use new products then you can test them months before the wedding day to determine if it will work on your skin and if you won't develop allergic reactions.

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Can I get a facial before the wedding day?

If you have been having facials regularly, have one a week before the wedding day. Don't have a facial a month before the wedding day if you haven't had a facial before. Facials tend to pull out the impurities on your face and you might have breakouts.

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What do I do if I have breakouts?

Whatever you do, do not touch or try to squeeze it out! It will only get irritated, redden some more, and enlarge. If you have dirty hands, it can even get infected. What you can do is apply Aloe Vera to heal the breakout.

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Should I apply dark or light makeup?

It depends on the formality of your wedding. If the ceremony is during the day and is held outdoors, it is usually less formal, so you can wear light makeup. If it's at night and held indoors, it is more of a formal event, so you have to wear makeup with darker hues.

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How do I hide dark under eye circles?

You can use a concealer to hide those unsightly circles under your eyes. Remember, it should have the same shade as your foundation so that it can blend in seamlessly.

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What colors should I wear?

The colors of your makeup should compliment your gown and your accessories. You should also take into account the season when you're getting married as well. Don't wear anything too shiny in summer! Makeup melts easily under the sun. You can wear a little lip gloss but that's enough. Winter makeup is all about drama, so give your colors more depth if you don't want to look pale in the cold winter breeze.

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How do I make my lipstick last longer?

Lipsticks are always a hassle. You have to constantly reapply it since it easily fades. You can make your lipstick last longer by applying a primer on your lips to make the surface even. You can even use foundation as a base. Then use a lip liner that has the same shade of your lipstick. Line it on the edges of your lips and fill it in. Apply a coat of lipstick and blot it on tissue. Do this twice. Now, you're lipstick stays on longer.

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Wedding MakeUp About Us Wedding MakeUp FAQ Wedding MakeUp Tips Contact Vendors

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