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Wedding Limousine Planning

Wedding Limousine Planning Contact Vendors

The arrival of the limousine at the site of the wedding ceremony creates an excited stir. The bride has arrived. Resplendent in her wedding gown, she gracefully eases herself out of the car with the assistance of a friend. Talk about a dramatic arrival.

Wedding Limo

When to Make a Reservation?

Wanting an extra special treat on your wedding day is expected. You want a limo to pick you up at home and drop you off at the church, as well as to whisk you and your groom off to the reception area right after the ceremonies. Whatever your plans, you have to plan it right and play around your budget.

Your wedding planner may suggest a company, but you can search for limousine rental company websites to compare fees, or go for a broker who can match your needs with the right company. Like your wedding cake and gown, a budget for limousine rental should be set aside, and if it can be helped, know the off-season of limousine rental companies to get lower fees.

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For your wedding day, the limousine should pick you up before the appointed hour, the adage better late than never should not apply here. Your reservation should be done 9 months before the wedding date. It's the earliest most companies would allow. Making an early reservation a year before the wedding is not entertained by limousine rental companies.

If your wedding is set in March, expect the rental rates of limousines to go up since this the busiest month for car rental companies. You'll be competing with the school proms slated from March to June, even if you schedule the reservation early. If you still want a spring wedding, be prepared to pay for the minimum requirement of 8 hours, which is just 3 hours for off-season months. If you delay shopping for a limousine service, you'll find yourself stranded.

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Wedding Limo

How Much Should You Spend for a Limousine Service?

The wedding rental package is typically set at $250 to $500. Rental for a stretch limousine is within the price range of $200-$400. This runs on a minimum rental service of three hours. But the price can be more expensive if you prefer top of the line vehicles that run as high $1000. Some companies offer extra perks like the traditional red carpet service, a uniformed chauffeur, and complimentary champagne.

Even if you are using the service for an hour's worth of time - pick-up and drop-off - you'll be paying for the time the limo is waiting. To save money, hire the limo for just one trip to fetch you from your home to the venue of the wedding.

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Wedding Limo

How to Shop For Limo Service

It is best to see the rental limousines, rather than rely on the description of the agent. Check out how long the rental service has been in business. You can inquire from your newly wedded friends about the limousine service they hired. They will always recommend the service if they had the best experience, especially if their hired limousine was beautifully decorated inside, packed with refreshing drinks, and their names posted on the sides of the limousine to give the whole service a personalized touch.

Before making inquiries, be ready to ask the following questions to help you narrow down your selections:
Type and color of limousine.
Can a Just-Married sign be attached to the limousine?
Does the company carry medical and liability insurance for the passengers?
Is gratuity included in the rental costs?
Can you get a discount?

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Wedding Limo

Who Shoulders The Cost?

The family of the bride usually shoulders the costs. The bride and her bridesmaids will take the limousine from the pick-up point to the wedding. If the groom wishes to have limousine service for him and his groomsmen, he can hire another limousine. But the couple should discuss these decisions, as this will be additional expense.

Who Rides the Limo?

An 8-seater limousine cannot comfortably seat 10 who are dressed in all their fineries. To cram the limousine with more passengers to save on money is not worth it. You don't want to appear at the wedding in a crumpled suit or wedding gown. The bride and bridesmaids can take the limousine.

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Planning to hire a limousine for your wedding day? Do not delay. It is best to shop around when you have more limousine rental services to choose from.

Wedding Limousine Planning Contact Vendors

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