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Choose the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

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On your wedding day, the attention is almost all yours. You know you have to look perfect in every way, down to the last detail. And the right wedding jewelry makes all the difference. So how do you keep everything well coordinated?

Upfront Jewelry

The more obvious jewelry, like your necklace, should be chosen with care as they hold the power to either make or break your whole look. If your wedding gown's bust area is too elaborate already with exquisite details and sparkling accessories, then topping it off with a loud necklace will be inappropriate. You want to look like a splendid princess, not a Christmas tree.

Just about any kind of necklace would look nice on a strapless wedding gown, though. A thin chain with a simple jewel will look dainty on your bare neckline, while an extravagant necklace matched with sparkling jewels will complement your strapless gown.

And you may choose to wear a matching tiara for a perfectly splendid princess-like look.

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Your earrings are another upfront jewelry as they can be easily noticed, too. Wearing earrings is optional, but you would want to if you wish to add more radiance to your lovely face. You must be picky with your earrings if you are planning to wear your hair up, as you will be attracting a lot of attention to it. You will never fail with pearl white earrings if you are having the traditional pure white theme for your wedding.

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Your Wedding Ring

And of course there is your wedding ring, the highlight of the day. Your wedding ring, together with the engagement ring, symbolizes your union with the groom and the life you are about to share together. A wedding ring should match the entire jewelry set.

But it is not your ring that should be making the adjustment. You must first decide on your ring and fashion the other pieces so that they look good with the wedding ring. Remember that you will be wearing your wedding ring after the wedding day, hopefully for the rest of your life.

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Level of Formality

You must also gauge the occasion's level of formality when choosing appropriate wedding jewelry. If you are holding a formal affair, the black-tie type, then rhinestones or luxuriously stunning diamonds should be your idea of perfect jewelry. But if the affair is more of the laid-back type, then simple yet elegant pearl earrings matched with a single-strand pearl necklace are your ideal set.

Your Wedding Theme

You must also consider your wedding theme when choosing your bridal jewelry. If you are holding a beach wedding, then mother of pearls and white pearls are your ideal choice. Or you can choose to wear sea shells and other such beach ornaments. You must try and play safe when choosing your jewelry. Be experimental only when you can handle it. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable, and the discomfort you are feeling will shine through, making you a lot less splendid.

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Season of the month

Another element you must factor in is the season of the month. There are usually practical and ideal choices for any given season.

Summer is a popular time to get married. The warmth and beauty of the summer months make them very ideal for many couples. Summer weddings are usually fun and casual affairs. Your choice of bridal jewelery should be a reflection of this laid-back atmosphere. You can go for trendy styles that come in soft pastels or bright colors. You can go for the trendy Swarovski crystals and glass pearls. You will have fun playing around with the range of colors available. And they may be all you need to look shining shimmering splendid.

Spring is a great time to experiment. You don't even have to wear the traditional white gown. Why don't you blend in with the newly grown leaves and tulips and wear a bridal dress in beautiful tones of green instead? You can be experimental with your jewelery as well. Go for sparkling colored stones. Be playful.

The autumn months are also about colors and new beginnings. You can be just as colorful and playful. This time tough, the preferred colors are those that come in the likes of orange, brown, and red. Your jewelry should follow suit.

Wintertime is all about white weddings and snowflake themes. Clear Swarovski crystals are what you need to sparkle amid the whiteness. If you want to downplay it a little, then you should go for simple ivory or white pearls.

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Take the extra effort in choosing the right wedding jewelry for a perfectly splendid look on your special day.

Wedding Jewelry Ideas Wedding Jewelry Tips Wedding Ring Tips Contact Vendors

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