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Head to Europe ... for the hen night of a lifetime

Let's get one thing straight first of all. Any hen party that's planning on venturing further than an hour or two from home will probably want to consider staying at least a couple of nights somewhere. It's more relaxing that way ... nobody is rushing around, you can have a bit of a lie-in and it prolongs what should be a time of fun with the girls.

However, that's not to say that the weekend shouldn't be focussed around one night in particular: the before and after part is for preparation and recovery, but the hen night itself is when it all happens.

Europe offers rich pickings for hen parties on a mission to find a weekend of fun and games. The continent really is your oyster. From the charm and sophistication of Paris, to the cacophony of clubs, cocktails and camaraderie on offer in Ibiza, it really is down to personal taste where you end up.

Stay focussed - the best hen nights take planning!

Wherever you decide to go, do remember the principle of 'the three Ps' - plan, plan and plan. Although it's important that everybody enjoys the trip, as the bride-to-be you are the most important person for the weekend, so don't be afraid to be just a little selfish with the choice of destination. However, remember that everyone will be on different budgets, so the likes of Paris, Dublin or Barcelona might be out of the question.

In this situation, consider some of the cities in the eastern part of Europe which are traditionally a little cheaper ... like Budapest, Prague or Bratislava.

The latter of these options is a particularly good option, as it hasn't quite reached the popularity of other European destinations yet. The Slovakian capital offers beer at 50p a pint and a good hearty meal isn't uncommon at around £5. Perhaps the perfect place for hen nights seeking to sample the splendours of a fine European city, whilst not breaking the bank!