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We at Best for Bride bridal store think that everything has to be PERFECT on your Special Day. In this section Best for Bride's Bridal Specialists answer on the most popular "How to Choose" questions that our brides ask us. Read Best for Bride's Wedding Guide, with tips on how to make your wedding perfect! If you have questions please e-mail us at and our wedding specialists will be glad to answer to all your questions.

Various Ways of Looking Chic in Prom Dresses

Perhaps no other high school event is more hyped up than the prom night. Mainly, this is the reason why every high school teenager is highly anticipating to attend this boisterous affair. Unless you're a social pariah at school, everyone would be excited to see the girls in prom dresses with brooches and guys in suits with tie tacks. It's a given that everyone should look their best in this evening because this is the only time you're allowed to probably take your first date with you in school. Aside from that, every girl should know that wearing fabulous prom dresses will catapult their chances at winning the prom queen crown. Since you're still a teenager, you are at a loss of ideas about the right prom dresses to wear. This poses a great challenge since prom dresses can make or break this memorable evening in your high school life.

Whether you're aiming for a ball gown, empire cut or A-line prom dresses, it will always be helpful to take note that what you decide to wear should affirm to your body type. It would also be a brilliant idea if you start shopping about two months before the affair. This will definitely widen your list of options about what prom dresses to wear. Extra care should be taken upon choosing because you might get the shock of life to see someone in your school wearing the same prom dress as yours. To avoid any girl's prom night dressing disaster, these are the topnotch tips you should keep in mind:

1) Scout For Affordable Designers. If you buy from your local boutique, you cannot be sure that there are no duplicate designs from the prom dress you choose. This is why it is advisable that you look for a good designer that can offer to make you affordable yet classy prom dresses. One tip is to aim for adept fashion design students who would agree to give you a lower price for a custom-designed prom dress.

2) Reinvent Mom's Dress. You can raid your mom's closet for stylish wardrobes you can reinvent to be your prom dresses. Surely, she has dresses that can look chic with a little tweaking by means exerting creative imagination on your part. In this case, you can be dead sure that no one would probably wear the same dress you've reinvented for the prom party.

3) Maximize and Accessorize. If the problem is that you're stuck with a plain prom dress, you can maximize your attire by accessorizing it with beads or sequins by yourself. To further augment your dress, you can wear some stylish hat or labradorite jewelry. Obviously, knowing the right accessories can complete your fit-for-prom-queen look during the occasion.

Remember, it wouldn't hurt to be creative and resourceful when trying your best to look vibrant in the dress you wear. You can be forgiven if you've chosen a boring date for the prom night, but you cannot afford to commit a mortal sin of dressing badly for this momentous occasion. A prom night is only celebrated once a year and you should make most out of it by feeling confident and dazzling the whole night.

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