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We at Best for Bride bridal store think that everything has to be PERFECT on your Special Day. In this section Best for Bride's Bridal Specialists answer on the most popular "How to Choose" questions that our brides ask us. Read Best for Bride's Wedding Guide, with tips on how to make your wedding perfect! If you have questions please e-mail us at and our wedding specialists will be glad to answer to all your questions.

How to Feel Victorious in Your Evening Dress

It's seven in the evening and you are currently in a terrible crisis of the right evening dress you should be wearing for your evening office party. You call up your best friend to ask help in deciding if it's the green knee-length dress or the burgundy ball gown that would perfectly match your blonde locks. What about your available accessories? Would there be something that could suit the two dresses you've decisively chosen? As a frequent casual dresser, you are at loss for fashion sense when it comes to what to wear in evening parties. You definitely wouldn't want to attract much attention in wearing an outrageous outfit. Dressing up plainly in white might dissolve your presence in a crowd of glamorously-clad women. What you want is too stand out without being too flamboyant in your evening dress.

Cocktail parties or special events call for the three 'S' in picking out the evening dress that would bring out the best in you. Your evening dress should be sexy, sassy and sophisticated. Here are the winning tips in dolling up for evening occasions:

Sexy Every woman wants to emphasize her curves more than her beauty. In this case, a good evening dress should reveal your nice figure. Even if you're the conservative type, you can still be sexy without exposing too much skin. Opting for an evening dress that you think could flatter your figure is important to make you feel confident when socializing with people in the party. Don't worry if you're on the heavy side because you can still be sexy if you choose dark-colored evening dresses. If you have the waifish-type of body, you can opt for an evening dress that has large prints to pump up illusory curves in your body.

Sassy You would rather be shot in the head than being caught dead wearing a dull evening dress. Sassiness means that you have to play up with your evening dress so that you'll not appear to be a plain Jane in the party. Playing safe on your outfit like wearing a white or blue evening dress would be fine if you want other guests to recognize as one of the waitresses. That's why, you need to be exercise your creative skills to appear unique in the party. For instance, wearing a backless evening dress would be fabulous, especially if you have an Irish tattoo to embellish your back. Tattoos can be a very good conversation piece when you socialize with other people. With your sassiness in choosing your evening dress, you might even catch the attention of the male officemate who has been your long time crush.


Lastly, you definitely want your evening dress to exude that you're a respectable woman. Appearing in a modern evening dress with a classic touch would be very enticing to the eyes of the people who will be attending the party. If you wear a something too flamboyant or too revealing, there would be a great propensity that the security personnel will be dragging you out of the party. A good tip in sophistication would be to accessorize with the right jewelry to complete your winning aura in the party. Putting on freshwater pearl necklaces would be a sublime idea because these would emphasize your swan-like neck when wearing a strapless evening dress.

No doubt, you can be a shoo-in to be the best dressed female in the party, if only you follow closely the three 'S' elements in choosing the right evening dress. Whether you fix your hair up or lay your hair down, it doesn't matter as long as you keep these tips in mind. In the end, you'll feel victorious because of the confidence you gained by presenting yourself the best way you can during the party.

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