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We at Best for Bride bridal store think that everything has to be PERFECT on your Special Day. In this section Best for Bride's Bridal Specialists answer on the most popular "How to Choose" questions that our brides ask us. Read Best for Bride's Wedding Guide, with tips on how to make your wedding perfect! If you have questions please e-mail us at and our wedding specialists will be glad to answer to all your questions.

Going Gung-ho: Budget Tips on Wedding Dresses, Tokens and the Wedding Cake!

Preparing for a wedding can be a daunting experience. Try imagining taking a audio conferencing call, with suppliers trying to pitch ideas all at the same time. It's madness, is what it is, and that's what a couple will be facing as soon as they start planning. Every woman has dreamed of her own white and veil since she was nine -- so why settle for less?

The secret to a successful wedding is planning. Major wedding preparations include looking at reception halls, window-shopping for party favors, wedding dresses and flowers. With wedding costs rising and annual inflation a road hazard you can't miss, here are three simple yet effective ways of keeping yours costs within your budget, without compromising your dream wedding:

Fidget with the Budget

The very first thing to do before going out and trying wedding dresses, picking out flowers, or even choosing what favors to give away, is sit yourselves down and look at the budget. Why? because of the temptation to spend over your wedding budget. A recent study shows that more than 75%of newly-wed American couples gone over their budget when celebrating their nuptials. With annual inflation and rising prices, what's a marrying couple have to do to get it right? Discuss, set and stick to a budget before taking any further steps. Prioritize what's important to you both by listing down the items and services that you think are essential to a successful wedding day. Then, trim your list down to the top five items. Decide if you want that absolutely heavenly garden wedding, and what you're willing give up to get it, under your budget. You can adjust your budget numbers to reflect your priorities.

Go Gung-ho!

Some couples hate the hassle of preparation, and opting for a planner to do most of the work. While this may be cost-effective in terms of worry, time, space and stress, it's a money pit that may drag you down deeper than you'll ever imagine. More and more couples these days have taken to planning, and making some -- if not most -- of the wedding arrangements themselves. Some wedding preparations that you both could do may include:

     1) Picking the perfect gown from, literally hundreds of wedding dresses may sound daunting, but not if the bride-to-be has a specific design in mind. Then, it's a cinch. Stores like 1JCPenney's evening wear and prom sections have many dresses suitable for a simple wedding or bridesmaid dresses. Online shops, or even auction sites are very popular places too, for looking for the gown of your dreams, without breaking the bank. If you can't find it, find a reliable professional dressmaker and discuss your design with her/him.

     2) Location, location, location. The easiest thing to do, when venue-shopping, is to visit your local church. For garden weddings, check out your community's local gardens and ask if holding weddings at these venues are okay. On the other hand, home weddings can be intimate, chic and very beautiful. Shop around and check if any of your close family or friends are open about having your wedding at their house.

     3) Shortlist your guestlist. The fewer guests you have, the better. Cutting down your list will have a domino effect on the money you will spend for your wedding. The lesser guests you have, the less you have to pay for invitations, food and drinks, and wedding favors. With more guests, you'll be needing a large reception hall -- can your budget handle that? Receptions being the most costly because of two things: catering services and venue rental. Most services charge per-person prices, so knowing your exact headcount can be your best ally in cutting down costs. Just invite close family and friends whose presence mean a lot to both of you.

     4) Say "I do," with flowers in season. Pick flowers that are in season -- they are the most numerous and would be more affordale during the season. In spring, the flowers that bloom best are irises, daffodils, and tulips. Lilies are the best wedding flower choices for summer, while sunflowers are memorable for a fall wedding. You may want to take note that some of the more expensive flowers include roses and orchids. Keep that in mind when when shopping for your bouquets.

     5) Food-perfect. Try having a buffet instead of a plated dinner set. Instead of a full catering service for your wedding, ask about drop-off catering services and other customizable packages. Catering professionals and suppliers often sit down and discuss specific details with individual clients for their own catering plans. Try a caterer who is flexible enough to work within your budget.

It's the both of you that really count

While preparing for your wedding, never make each activity a chore. Make a it fun and treat it as another way of spending quality time with each other. Doing the preparations yourself also adds your personal touch to the ceremony that would seal both your lives together. When trying to work within the budget, always remember that in the end, it is the both of you, who make your wedding beautiful and most memorable one.

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