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How to Get Gorgeous Before Your Wedding

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If you’re engaged and happily planning your wedding, it’s important to take some time for yourself as the big day approaches. Sometimes, with all of the joyful chaos of planning your nuptials, you may feel too busy to nurture yourself. By setting aside time for certain beauty rituals and making these little pleasures a habit, you’ll be your most beautiful and alluring as you walk down the aisle.

To help you get gorgeous before your wedding, Best for Bride has compiled a quick guide to some excellent skin care and hair care routines that will help you to look great in any of our fashionable wedding dresses. These tips and tricks are the product of years of experience; we are a closely-knit team of wedding experts, and we are proud to support our valued brides-to-be as they prepare to make important lifetime commitments with their partners.

Here are some things to think about as you prepare to dazzle your friends, family, and groom-to-be on your wedding day…

Skin Care

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Three or four months before your big day, consider concentrating on your skin care routine. Starting early is the best way to get good results from skin care products, such as anti-aging serums, skin-brightening moisturizers, anti-acne potions, and soothing eye creams.

Most products take at least eight weeks to make a visible difference in your skin, so choose the right products for your skin type and then use them religiously. Trusted brands don’t have to cost a fortune. For example, Neutrogena makes an excellent anti-wrinkle cream that won’t bust your budget, and its retinol formula really does smooth out fine lines and reveal fresher, younger-looking skin.

If you enjoy getting facials from a trained beauty technician, plan to have at least one per month before your wedding. However, you should shy away from extractions or peels right before your ceremony and reception, as these types of facials may leave your skin temporarily reddened or inflamed.

Wearing sunscreen is very important, even you plan to sport a tanned, healthy glow at your wedding. It’s better to find a good bronzer to dust on your face on the big day; wear protection of at least SPF15 at all other times. Choose a product that protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Avoid products with parabens.

Keep your makeup minimal a couple of weeks before your wedding, to give your skin a chance to breathe as much as possible. Drink plenty of water – add a little fresh lemon juice, as this is known to benefit the skin. If you have problem skin, take flax-seed oil, zinc, and vitamins A, C and E. Don’t overdo it with supplements. Always follow the directions to the letter, and stop taking them if they don’t agree with you. You can always find theie vital oils, minerals and vitamins in food, if you prefer to avoid taking dietary supplements.

Hair Care

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If you’re happy with your hair before you wedding, don’t change anything. It’s much better to keep the same length, style, cut and color so that you feel comfortable and “like yourself” as you marry. However, if you have problem hair, it may be time to tackle the issue in the months preceding your wedding. This is a good time to spend more on highlights, color, low-lights, conditioning treatments, cuts, and so on. It’s not necessarily a good time to get creative, but it’s a great time to put yourself in the hands of experienced, professional stylists and colorists who really know what they are doing.

Expertly cut hair will always look better than a budget ‘do. Ask your stylist to recommend the right products for you – usually, it’s better to stick with your natural texture (i.e. stop straightening and ironing your hair) during the weeks before your wedding, as it gives your tresses a chance to recover. Of course, you should wear your hair in whatever style that pleases you most on the big day.

Biotin is one supplement that is linked with thicker, shinier hair; vitamin E is also a good choice. If you don’t want to take supplements, you should be able to find products with these ingredients, such as biotin shampoos. If your hair is dry, condition with an olive oil treatment once a week. Warm the oil for 30 seconds in the microwave, apply to your hair, and then wash out five minutes later. This easy treatment is a wonderful way to tame fine, frizzy hair.

Get More Wedding Advice from Best for Bride

At Best for Bride, we offer beauty advice, and we also offer a host of practical wedding-related advice to brides-to-be. Whether you’re looking for wedding dresses in Toronto, wedding cakes, plus size wedding dresses, or wedding favours, we will be able to give you the guidance – and the products and services – that you really need.

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Don’t put yourself in the hands of amateurs at this special and important time; instead, work with our seasoned, caring team of bridal specialists. Contact us today for more information.

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How to Choose a Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dresses can be just as beautiful as any other wedding dress.

Are you dreading the whole “dress shopping” experience because you think you won’t find the type of dress you are dreaming of in your size? We shouldn’t have to feel like we don’t deserve our dream dress just because we are big. We want the same as every other bride wants on her wedding day, to feel beautiful, to feel like a princess, and we all have the right to feel that way on our wedding day, regardless of our size. Read on for help in finding your dream wedding gown.

Just because you’re not super slim doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect wedding dress.

Very few women have the body of a supermodel. Few of us even are a perfect size. We all have some areas that don’t fit the into the ‘perfect’ ideal. You can still look as wonderful in the same gorgeous gowns as slimmer women.


Forget sizes and measurements, they are just labels. Remember the Duchess of York on her wedding day?

She looked fabulous-

because her dress fitted not because she had lost a heap of weight.

If you choose the right wedding dress and silhouette you can look fabulous no matter what size you are.

Perhaps a strapless gown to show off creamy shoulders, or if you are curvy a Mermaid style wedding dress.

Draw the eye to your most striking features.

* Low necklines and bare shoulders if you have a good bust, (an added bonus being that it will make your face appear longer and slimmer).

* Wearing your hair up will show off a smooth neck.

* If you have a lovely complexion focus on your face and choose a simpler gown maybe with an empire waist, as it’s the most flattering to a woman’s silhouette.

Empire line wedding dresses are a good choice for most women as the style elongates the body, drawing attention to the bust-line and making you look slimmer and taller.

Pay attention to the type of fabric you use. A stiff fabric in some styles may not flatter you but in a simple fitted style can be very slimming.

Regardless of the dress style you choose for your wedding dress, the following tips in mind will help ensure you have the most beautiful shape possible:

Buy a dress that fits.

* This ensures the dress will fall correctly and won’t pull and crease, and accentuate the “not-so-perfect” areas. See our How to take Your Wedding Dress Measurements article for a fool proof way to take your vital statistics correctly.

* Wear appropriate lingerie. Who wants a panty line in the wedding photos!

* Make sure your bra is the correct size. Free fitting is available at many department stores.

* Long line bras and Body Shapers help trim your silhouette.

* Less is sometimes more. Don’t overdo the lace and ruffles.

*A simple shape is the best for a streamlined silhouette. A line, Empire style and Column style all have a slimming effect.

* A full Ball gown style will emphasise a small waist and hide broad hips – this style will also balance out a small bust if you emphasise the bodice with brocade or lace.

*Be aware of the horizontal design features. Where the waist line sits, the hem length, does a short sleeve finish at the bust line? Never have a horizontal feature at your widest part… for instance

* Do not have a dropped waistline if you have broad hips,

* Don’t have the hemline at the widest part of your calf -go shorter or longer for a slimming effect.

*Colour is also very important. Dark colours can be more slimming than pastels or bright colours, but is just as important to wear a colour that suits you. It may be worth having a personal colour chart done for even if you never use it again.

Wanda Arnold’s website  www.weddingsdresses.tvwill help you find your dream wedding dress and buy it online. Our video will show you How to Take Your Measurements in a few easy steps. Explanations of different figure types to help you choose your perfect bridal gown. You can read site reviews and link to online Bridal Stores.

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The Beauty of Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Every woman dreams of being a bride someday. For every little girl, making this dream a reality is perhaps the most meaningful of all. This is the reason why even at a young age, girls already plan their weddings – designs of bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns and wedding bouquets in Toronto or elsewhere, among others.

Also, bride-to-be’s wish that they would have the perfect, hourglass-y figure should this day happen. Above all, women wish that they will have the 36-24-36 vital statistics. That way, they can get the perfect wedding gown – just what’s needed to make this already-perfect day more memorable.

plus size bridal gown

But that is not always the case. Even then, this should not be reason enough to be wistful. This is, after all, still the most important day of your life. Good thing that today, there are already hundreds of bridal shops and boutiques that specialize in the designing of plus size wedding dresses. Yes ladies, society has opened up and is now welcoming the idea that sexy women need not be skinny. Society has now acknowledged that voluptuous women are also beautiful – and it is because of this notion that that plus size wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular.

If you happen to be one of those women who will need plus size wedding dresses, don’t fret. There are several choices for you out there. Surely, you will never run out of bridal boutiques that will carry this line.

So why exactly are plus size wedding dresses becoming more and more popular? Well…

First, it is because of the preference of men. Women, on a large part, want to be desired by men. Interestingly, statistics suggest that 80 percent of men prefer voluptuous women. They do not like the skinny, anorexic-looking supermodels who have been donning the catwalks and filling the pages of every glossy magazine there is.

As such, it is no wonder that more and more women are looking for plus size wedding dresses – a size 14 is said to be the average size for a 5’4″ American woman. Of course, you know that a size 14 is plus size. Interestingly enough, a size 14 is said to be sex icon Marilyn Monroe’s size. Now, isn’t that reason enough to be thankful that you’ll be browsing for plus size wedding dresses?

Second, plus size wedding dresses – and any other dress for that matter – is about confidence. It is not an easy thing to carry a plus size dress. Therefore, those who are able to do this are certainly not anyone’s ordinary girl. Those who are able to carry plus size wedding dresses are those who are confident about themselves. It takes grace and poise to carry oversized dresses despite one’s bulk.

plus size bridal gown

That being said, it is clear then that if you are on your way to shopping for plus size wedding dresses, then you are one hell of a voluptuous and confident woman. This is something to be proud of. Consequently, this is the essence and the beauty of shopping for plus size wedding dresses!

Looking for wedding bouquets in Toronto, bridesmaid dresses or perhaps plus size wedding dresses? Look no further as has it all.