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Flatter Your Voluptuous Figure With Plus Size Wedding Dresses

With society’s emphasis on slim, svelte and skinny, helped in no small way by the tri-media, you are probably wondering about appearing beautiful on your wedding day what with your Rubenesque figure. But have no fear! You can choose from many plus size wedding dresses to flatter your body. Here are tips to do so.

Wedding gown

Know your Body Shape

As much as skinny women have varying shapes and sizes, so do voluptuous women. You have to determine your body shape – pear, apple busty – to narrow down your initial selection of plus size wedding dresses. After that, you can start looking at dresses that flatter your figure and hide your flaws.

For example, pear-shaped bodies look best with A-line dresses and square-necked tops that draw attention away from the body’s lower half. Empire cuts and V-necks are good for apple-shaped figures while busty figures should opt for pencil-line dresses and tops with sleeves.

Carefully Choose Colors

Fortunately, plus size wedding dresses come in a host of colors that makes it easy to dress according to size and shape as well as skin tone. But whatever color you choose, it’s always better to stay away from fancy details like ribbons and bows because that will only emphasize your bigness.

The key to wearing plus-size dresses on your wedding day is to go for the colors of the season. You can wear rich, deep colors like orange, deep purple and dark red during the fall and winter seasons while for the summer and spring seasons, you can lighten up with colors like pinks, lilacs, coral, yellow and light blues.

And even if you do choose to wear white on your wedding day, be sure that the hue complements your skin tone. For example, if you are very fair, avoid stark white but instead go for a dress with yellow undertones.

Wear Good Undergarments

The key to holding it all together, literally and figuratively, for plus size wedding dresses is to wear good undergarments. Do not underestimate the perk-up/flatten down ability of a good strapless bra or the hold-in-your-flab goodness of girdles and corsets!

Good underwear, even sexy lingerie, will help you feel good about yourself. You can then feel beautiful inside and out, literally.

Accessorize Appropriately

Although there is no limit to what you can wear with your plus size wedding dresses, you must keep them to a minimum lest you compete with the church decorations, or worse, look like a walking Christmas tree sans lights.

Plus size wedding dress

For accessories, you need to stick to one focal piece of jewelry that will highlight your best assets and draw attention away from your perceived flaws. With plus-size women, the jewelry usually is concentrated on the neck or on the ears simply because you want to draw attention to your glowing face. Chunky arm bangles can often emphasize chubby arms although you can always pick fine jewelry for this purpose if you can’t live without arm embellishments.

Truly, your curvaceous figure is one that you should be proud of, skinny be damned. It’s just a matter of choosing the right plus size wedding dresses to wow your guests and, most importantly, get your groom’s salivary glands drooling.

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses Shopping For All Body Types

Shopping and looking for the perfect wedding gown is in itself a stressful task. You keep getting disappointed because you still haven’t found what you’re looking for even after such a long time of searching and seeking.

While it is already hard to look for a wedding gown for a perfect body, think of how hard it would be for fully-bodied brides? While there are already numerous shops that specialize on plus size wedding dresses, still, the journey is not that easy. Why is this so?

Dealing with the Shop Attendants

Sad as it may seem, but there are really shop attendants who would become unfriendly. And this behaviour is exhibited whether you are looking for size 4 wedding gowns or plus size wedding dresses.

You are not sure why they are behaving that way because in the first place, they should be looking for customers. Especially that they are in the wedding business, they must exude joy and happiness all the time! More so if they are dealing with customers who are looking for plus size wedding dresses!

Getting the Right Style

Often, getting the appropriate style for wedding gowns, especially for plus size wedding dresses, is the most challenging part of all. You have to consider a lot of things just so you’ll end up in a stunning wedding gown!

For one, you have to know your body shape. Know the best and “not-so-good” parts of your body so you would know what to emphasize and what to conceal. And this tip holds true for both “skinny” and plus size wedding dresses.

You also need to ensure that you have the correct fabric for your wedding gown. If you want a gown that does not cling to your body (especially if you’re full-bodied), then go for mikado or duchesse satin. Stay away from chiffon and crepe.

Plus size wedding dress

Getting the Perfect Timing

Believe it or not, you must shop for your wedding gowns, especially for plus size wedding dresses, at least 8 months before the wedding – that is if you’ve had the luxury of time to plan the wedding. This will give you enough time in searching for the designer, the style, the fabric and all accessories that will go with it.

Given that timeframe, you still have time to trim down or to gain some weight – whichever way you want it – in order be in perfect shape for the wedding. Most full-bodied brides want to be as petite as possible during their wedding day so they don’t have to visit the section on plus size wedding dresses. If you’re one of them, then eight months is more than enough time to exercise and go on a diet.

Wedding gown

Overall, the idea of searching for a wedding gown is exciting. It is as enthralling and thrilling as getting engaged. Therefore, you must make this task as fun as possible. And this should hold true for brides of all sizes and shapes. There shouldn’t be a difference in experience for women who shop for size 4 gowns or plus size wedding dresses!

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Plus Size? Take Those Worries Away and Look Super on Your Wedding Day With Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Yes, it’s the fault of the magazines and fashion shows. They always feature slim, skinny and Miss-Body-Beautiful ladies as the bride. However, this is not always the case. What if you are not that gifted in terms of body size? What if you are not slim? Don’t you have the chance to look fabulous on your wedding day anymore?

Of course you do! Thank goodness for shops that feature and sell plus size wedding dresses! Yes, you read it right, there are bridal boutiques that take pride in making women who are not that skinny and not that slim look fabulous on the most important day of their lives. There are bridal shops that specialize on plus size wedding dresses.

But how do you know that you’ve done everything you can just so you can take the full benefit of plus size wedding dresses? Here’s how.

Plus size wedding gown

You’ve Considered your Body Type

Women differ not only in terms of weight but also in terms of body type. Look at yourself and assess. There are bodies that are just “too voluptuous” while others are cone-shaped. Still, others are shaped like a pear.

Once you’ve identified your specific body type, then it would be easier for you to select from many styles of plus size wedding dresses. There are specific styles appropriate for each type of figure.

Better yet, to make your trip to your bridal shop more efficient, research in advance the style that you want. The Internet is a rich source of plus size wedding dresses that fit every body type. Also, your couturier could give you all the help that you need in coming up with a fabulous wedding dress.

Wedding dress

In relation to body type is height. Make sure that in choosing from among many plus size wedding dresses, you’ve considered how the dress would score against your height. Remember, if you are not that tall, you must avoid floor-sweeping gowns. You should carry the gown, not the other way around.

You’ve Considered Simplicity

Wedding dresses have the license to bear frills and ribbons. These accents are best for slim and skinny women. However, these decorative indulgences are a no-no for plus size wedding dresses. Rather than making the wearer look more fabulous, these extras would add weight to plus size women.

The best plus size wedding dresses are the simplest ones. You just need to know your asset so you would know what part of your body to emphasize. The others could then be well concealed by stylish layers of clothing.

You’ve Considered Comfort

Needless to say comfort should be among your primary criteria in choosing your bridal gown. In your effort to look slim, you may choose a gown with a corset bodice. But this might create inconvenience for you come eating time. Thus, to make you look more fabulous on your wedding day, consider plus size wedding dresses that let you walk, eat and dance comfortably.

Every woman should have a shot at her own happy ending — regardless of size. Thanks to plus size wedding dresses, even women who are not that slim can still look great on the most important day of her life, her wedding day!