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How a smart mother of the bride can help with her daughter’s wedding

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Isn’t it exciting that your little girl is getting married? Deciding to get married is the easy part, planning the wedding and getting all the arrangements done on time is the tough part. The good news is that you are there to help!

So, let’s find out how you can make the task easier for her.

The planning phase is perhaps the toughest of all. There are hundreds of details to be looked at and budgets to prepare and adhere to. These are the things you can do to help.

Make a comprehensive list

You can begin by listing down every arrangement to be done, and see to it that no detail is spared. Your daughter will probably be doing the same too. So, when you combine the two lists, it is unlikely any detail will be missed.

This would be the right time to prepare the guest list too. Also get the guest list from the groom’s side. Remember that everything costs money, and so it is necessary to chalk out this list before working on the budget for expenses.

Discuss family traditions

If there are specific wedding rituals that are followed in your family, or heirlooms to be used in the ceremony, it is wise to inform the couple ahead of time. Provide them all the necessary information, so they can accommodate this into the wedding plan.

Help budget the expenses

Once the list is ready, help her budget the expenses. If you are contributing, let her know the amount you will be footing. Break down the budget into individual components. This can be difficult to do, so help her research the costs of various components, so she doesn’t run short of funds towards the end.

Make the bookings

Now, its time to make arrangements. You can help her visit venues, draft invitations, book caterers, photographers, florists and the band. Just remember that it is her wedding, so don’t go overboard with making the decisions for her. Facilitate what she wants, provide your valuable suggestions, but go with what she decides. If your daughter is busy, offer to shoulder certain responsibilities on your own. This will allow her some breathing space, and let her relax.

Help her shop

If your daughter invites you, attend the bridal dress appointments and help her select her wedding dress. Also help with choosing the bridesmaids dresses. Once this is done, discuss your attire with her. Let her suggest the style and colors, so you can make an appropriate choice. Inform the mother of the groom of your dress choice, so she can also choose one that blends in.

Last minute arrangements, and being there when she needs you

You can oversee the last minute arrangements and deliveries. The days leading up to the wedding can seem overwhelming, so be there for your daughter. Support her when she seems worried. Keep up her spirits, remind her of how well she is doing, and how great she looks. She will be relieved by your encouragement. After all, mom knows best!

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